As part of its devotion to the bejewelled chaos of our lives, International Times presents an annotated and illustrated trawl through all printed issues of the paper from 1966 1986.

All main articles and contents are listed. Eventually we will make available many articles and specific issues in searchable and scanned digital formats.

The archive contains full background detail and chronology of the title:

related information of major events; sister publications; attendant publicity, events and ephemera; full personnel notes; legal battles; personal ads; listings excerpts......


IT seeks: those who have involved themselves with the paper at any time who have tales to tell, thoughts to throw, or decade-centric personal observations that can

punctuate and thread through these pages...drop us a line.



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Compiled by Chris Brook

Thanks: Gini Simpson; Nick Steel @ Xerophon; Mick Heap; Bill Drummond; Tod Hanson; Graham Tansley; Jay Jeff Jones; Genesis Breyer P-Orridge; Tony D; Tom Vague




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