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IT International Times

Established 1966

Archive 1966 - 1996
Includes all fractional issues / colour- variants / flyers…


Published by Lovebooks Ltd: 102 Southampton Row, London WC2
Editor: Tom McGrath; Assistant Editor: David Z Mairowitz; Production: John Hopkins; Distribution: Roger Whelan; Advertising: Suzanne Cahn; Man-at-Large: Jack Henry Moore
Editorial Board: Jim Haynes, Michael Henshaw, John Hopkins, Tom McGrath, Jack H Moore

October 1966: Mimeographed flyer: for International Times launch party at London’s Roundhouse.


it1 Oct 14 - 27 1966: Death of Andre Breton –obituary by Jean-Jaques Lebel; Yoko Ono’s ‘Unfinished Paintings and Objects’ notice for show at Indica Gallery, 102 Southampton Row (where she met John Lennon etc.); Adrian Mitchell poem- ‘Make or Break’ written for Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of US, a play about Vietnam, with Glenda Jackson; Report on the Warsaw International Festival of Music & portrait of Penderecki; Bob Cobbing’s Group H exhibition; Destruction In Art Symposium (DIAS) ‘Two views of DIAS’ - Jay Landesman and Tony Cox; a review of ‘She’ –Woman as Cathedral, a ninety-foot-long woman built by Nikki de Saint Phsille, Jean Tinguely and Olof Ultvedt in the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art; for Indica Gallery; Simon Vinkenoog on Provo in Amsterdam; report on Timothy Leary’s Spiritual Stage show from Bubu in New York; China: by Alex Gross; Alone in Swinging London - cartoon strip ‘featuring Clifton de Berry [who later became Seedy Bee] & Vera Groin in Glorious Sphinctovision’, by Jeff Nuttall; Peter Asher’s pop column‘Pop.. Pop.. Ouch’ by ‘Millionaire’ – includes a report of a Rolling Stones concert at the Albert Hall; LSD; Dope prices; “What’s Happening’” listings reveal ‘Pink Floyd Mix Media Show’ at the London Free School, All Saints Hall; Bert Jansch at St. Pancras Town Hall; Roland Kirk at Ronnie Scott’s; Karma boutique opens; - 1s; 12pp

it2 Oct 31 – Nov 13 1966: Yoko Ono; Report on the IT launch party at The Roundhouse - Pink Floyd / Soft Machine / Paul McCartney etc; Ezra Pound’s unpublished wartime broadcasts on Radio Rome containing his highly controversial views. Led to complaints from his estate in IT 3.; The Living Theatre’s ‘Frankenstein’ script; William Burroughs’ film script ‘Towers Open Fire’; Robert Fraser Gallery; Open letter from Peter Brook (of the RSC) to Charles Mairowitz, followed by his reply; Morton Feldman; ‘Man of Grass’ - George Andrews, see IT 3 for comment on this drug piece; Interpot Report No 3; Underground Film Festival Supplement - run-down of underground movies of the time including Emile de Antonio, Ray Durgnat, Andrew Meyer and Dutch Provo films and London Film Makers Co-Op; Andrew Meyer - US filmmaker; Kim Fowley – ‘Portrait of a Freak’; Censorship and/or Pornography; cartoon strip by Jeff Nuttall (Sodall), Berlin’s Living Theatre; Stockholm's Fylkingen


it3 Nov 14 - 27 1966: William Burroughs –first appearance of The Invisible Generation 1) - continued in IT 5.5 and IT6; Ray Durgnat -‘Rubber with Violence’ ; interview with Morton Feldman; American War Crimes in Vietnam by Bertrand Russell; ad for Yoko Ono exhibit at the Jeanette Cochrane Theatre; ad for Merce Cunningham and John Cage at the Saville Theatre; US composer Morton Feldman interview, and Pink Floyd; Pat Jones, ‘Poets in Public Vs The Arts Council’; Seedy Bee cartoon strip by Criton Tomazos (Jeff Nuttall ); Julio Le Parc.

PROJECT SIGMA (London: Dec. 1966). Broadside sheet featuring the text of "The Invisible Generation", and a photograph by Antony Balch of William Burroughs on the telephone. An offset reprint from International Times #3, produced and distributed by International Times after Trocchi's request for a contribution from Burroughs to his Sigma Portfolio was not forthcoming.

it4 Nov 28th – Dec 11 1966: Mastheads by Marijke Koger (of The Fool) – “despite the constraints of letterpress, IT is turning psychedelic....”.; Dick Gregory interview; John Taylor, ‘The Fletcher Case’. Alexander Trocchi and Sigma; anti-Vietnam demos; happenings in Amsterdam; Alternative Moscow, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, India, Rome, New York; Paul Butterfield Blues Band; Beatniks of Berlin; Kenneth Coutts-Smith, ‘Takis: Safari into the invisible’: Takis at the Indica; reviews of Albert Ayler, Fahrenheit 451, guide to Soho strip clubs; cartoon strip: Jeff Nuttall (‘Jeff Farkall’); ad for Pink Floyd at the Round House. -12pp

it5 Dec 12 – 25th 1966: Message to the Queen; Interview with Claus Oldenburg: ‘London: male city’; Little Richard performance, Pink Floyd and Move reviews; Jim Dine: Indecent but not obscene...; Tom McGrath writes about being arrested for trying to steal the Crown Jewels; John Wilcock’s Others Seens [sic]. Ted Joans, ‘AA! AA? YEAH, AA!’; Brian Patten, ‘A Liverpool Story: Herbt. Huff’; Jean Jaques Lebel: ‘French Letter’.
Assistant Editor: David Zane Mairowitz; Operations: Peter Stansill

it 5.5: rare Michael English print issue, William Burroughs’ The Invisible Generation & Invisible Generator: “cut-out word machine poster – a new concept in cut-out manipulatable posters” solver on white.




it6 16 - 29 Jan 1967: William Burroughs "The Invisible Generation (Continued)", the second appearance of this text (following the IT poster half-issue no.5.5).; Norman Mailer on Vietnam War ; Allen Ginsberg; Cerebral Cortex. Miles' Paul McCartney interview, transcribed from a taped conversation in which they discuss fame, spirituality, drugs, and electronic music (considered to be the first rock interview in IT, though preceded by the self-publicising Kim Fowley interview, "Portrait of a Freak" in issue no.2); ads for Granny Takes A Trip, Hung On You, and UFO club.

it7 Jan 30 - Feb 12 1967: ‘Arrest the Home Secretary’ –the Fletcher Case; Outer / Inner space issue; 'Hendrix is Here to Stay' and 19 according to his press handout’; Allen Ginsberg: ‘Public Solitude’ –an address on LSD delivered at Boston, 1966 (two pages); UFO underground event; and UFO's - ''Flying saucers as a portent of the revelations which will attend the opening of the Aquarian age” by John Michell; South Africa; Moscow; Provo “White women plan”; Vietnam; Chet Helms (Avalon Ballroom) in London; Mushroom (Danish Music scene); Hare Krishna; Censorship; Ad for Timothy Leary’s ‘Psychedelic Prayers’; Interpot;; John Wilcock’s- Other Scenes; Munich Newsletter, A Liverpool story by Brian Patten; Traverse Theatre Company; Censorship/erotica – by Alex Gross, Paul Francis; ‘Interpot’ – drug report by Bradley Martin; ‘Physiodelics’ by Jeff Nuttall – featuring Seedy Bee; ‘A War Story’ by Bill Butler; ‘A Scottish Soldier’ by Tom & Maureen McGrath; ‘Halliwell Done’ by Michael Kustow – about The Experiment; Ads for Indica books and the Poet Speak Festival 2 with Stevie Smith, Mike Horovitz, Adrian Mitchell, Brian Patten, Alan Sillitoe.


Editor: Tom McGrath; Asst Ed: David Mairowitz; News Editor: Maureen McGrath; Art Editor: Mike Mcernnery; Operations: Peter Stansill Co-workers: Christine Uren; Nigel Samuel; Janet Morris; Chris Rowley; Geordie Redpath; Emergencies: Ian Iachimoe
Editorial Board: Tom McGrath; James Jesper; Michael Henshaw; John Hopkins; Miles

it8 Feb 13 - 26 1967: Editors letters: Tom McGrath and David Mairowitz address their respective ‘approaches’... Pete Townsend interview - two pages; Jeff Nuttall comic strip; report on race in Cuba; Alan Ginsberg feature 'Reflections on the Mantra'; Gary Snyder feature 'Buddhism and the Coming Revolution'; The Diggers Mystique; Censorship; “where the new 'underground' is going and what its priorities should be......”; John Wilcock’s report on a San Francisco Love-In.; Tom McGrath on Junk and drug-related matters; Tom McGrath writes about Racism in Cuba; Raymond Durgnat, ‘rave or stiff upper lip’; Alex Gross on Sex Supermarket in Germany; C.I.Traill-Hill on ‘of human bondage’ – about corruption; “A newly developing eastern- inspired counter-culture art emerging.” - 16pp

it9 Feb 27 - Mar 12 1967: Front cover illustration is by Michael English. John Wilcock’s – Other Scenes; Jean Paul Sartre is discussed by Emile Henry – mentioning everything from Dada to Artaud to Jime Dine to Peter Brook; LA Provosmoke; P.J. Proby talks to Norman Pilkington; The Living Theatre; Censorship; Tuli Kupferberg – ‘When the mode of the music changes the walls of the city shake’; David Mairowitz discusses how Swinging London might or might not be..swinging; Homelessness – The People exposed; Clayton Eshleman, ‘Burn Baby Burn’; Alexei Nikolaevich Kosygin – non-interview; Psyching in the New Age by Peter Stansill; Vietnam; Alexei Kosygin; Mal Dean cartoon; Ad for "Academic Freedom Night" at the Roundhouse with Pete Brown, Ian Campbell Folk Group, George Melly, Adrian Mitchell, Lionel Ngakane and Annie Ross; Ad for Anti-Apartheid Folk Song Concert with 3 City Four, Roy and Val Bailey, Stan Kelly, Dave and Dave and Barrie Beattie; Ad for Pink Floyd and the Soft Machine at UFO; Announcement for Tjebbe van Tijen Happening in the Museum of Modern Art; -16 pp


“Orgone of the disestablished – Annual subscription: 30/-

it10 Mar 13 - 26 1967: Police raid on Indica Books & IT; Frank Zappa interview (East Village Other); Pink Floyd versus Psychelphia; Jeff Nuttall letter re. ‘outer and inner space & psychedelics’ LB Johnson with smoking gun on back cover- Alan Aldridge?; Marion Brown – The New Music - Albert Ayler and Marion Brown write; The Congo scene; Alex Gross on Berlin Theatre; Geoffrey Shaw on his work with pneumatics.


it10.5 Easter 1967: Emergency Broadside issue; red on mustard coloured paper, with psychedelic artwork by Mike McInnerney. Double sided single A3 issued partly to make money to cover the legal cost of Its first police raid and also to give update on countering the police action; with Paul McCartney (who donated £500 to the relief fund); R.D Laing; Chris Logue; The Open University; Mike Lesser; IT Free Speech benefit performance list; Go Home Roy Jenkins; Donald Carroll on obscenity prosecutions; IT 'symbolic funeral' event; Gustav Metzger at Old Bailey re. DIAS event
-produced by Kate Heliczer (‘Couch’ –Warhol 1964) / Nick Fallon Doyle / Robert Tasher / Susie Tytel / Mike Lesser

it11 April 21 - 28 1967: New format, no logo, slightly smaller, semi-glossy. Human Be-in; Cover: Psychedelically body-painted girl; announcement of the first UK Human Be-In at Alexandra Palace; Chinese Red Guards; Prostitution in London –Raymond Durgnat; Barry Miles interviews Graham Nash of The Hollies. Ads for The Doors and Love; 8 pp.


it11.5: April 2 1967: ‘A staged half-issue of IT’: IT Sunday Crackthru: announcing a new series of theatre events, Sundays at 4pm and 8pm. Mercury Theatre, Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill Gate, London

it12 April 28 – May 12 1967: “IT presents a 14-hour Technicolor read-in issue” The last issue edited by Tom McGrath, celebrating 24-hour Technicolour Dream at Alexander Palace (29th April); Split fountain, full-colour cover. This edition is in a smaller format than the usual (15 rather than 17 inches high) and printed on slightly glossy paper. William Burroughs/ Bryon Gysin / Gregory Corso / Sinclair Beiles cutup – from Minutes to Go; Bilderberg Conference held in Cambridge; Junk in Tangiers.; Human Be-in; Ronan O’ Rahilly of Radio Caroline on Pirate Radio stations; Poem by Michael Kustow; Bradley Martin on banana peel compared with psilocybin, DMT etc. Government, Human Rights, Abortion, the gas board, Covent Garden..; Rita Knox on Chappaqua – drug-related film; John Latha, ‘Better Book Plumbing’ – “One can’t create an initial situation.”; Report of the ‘New York Federation of Anarchists’;. ICI works on producing synthetic tobacco; Raymond Durgnat on composer / performer John Cage; Beat Teachers – “The generation of Beat-Teachers has finally emerged from the universities”… 12pp.


Editor: Jack Henry Moore; Assistant Editor: Bill Levy; News Editor: Mick Farren; Four Bloody Nights: Mike McInnerney; Operations: Max Zwemmer; Floodgates :John Hopkins, Dave Howson; Lies Like Truth: John Hopkins ,Dave Russell; Peter Stowell; Phil Parsons; What’s Happening: Steve Pank; Magic:Jean New, Alan Reid; Susie Tytel

it13 May 19 - June 2 1967: - George Harrison Interview by Miles; Announcement of Monterey Pop Festival; ad for My White Bicycle by Tomorrow withdrawn and redesigned by Jacob and the Coloured Coat; Letter from John Peel describing reason for USA Extradition and offering services...; The Doors; Da Capo; Amsterdam Provos; Pink Floyd; Jeff Nuttall writes on Art; Report of the benefit at Alexandra Palace on 29th April. Release of Sgt Pepper announced; Drugs in school – report; Marvel Comics – “…hard to get (their UK distributors having gone bankrupt)”. ‘Michael X words’; ‘Provo Precepts’ by Ramond Durgnat. – “Raves are making the headlines all right. But is British protest getting stuck in a psychedelic rut?” etc.; Games For May; Happening 44 –new venue; Electric Garden ad;


it14 June 2 1967: – “All Human Life For Sale”; Published following the jail sentence of John 'Hoppy' Hopkins Editor of I.T. , creator of the UFO venue. It was in production at the time of the case and rapid alterations were made to the front cover and editorial at the last minute: Sgt Pepper's, Beatles full page Ad; Pink Floyd at UFO club; Michael X paranoia; J.S.McCullogh, ‘Story of a Normal Man’; The Who by Mick Farren; An Environmental Pace by Simon Vinkenoog; Yoko Ono letter; Column of Dreams by George Andrews; Magic Square by David Kimchi; Free Radio rally in Trafalgar Square - outlawing the first off-shore radio pirates; run down on current light shows and their origins, rare interview with Andy Warhol who was visiting London; news from New York and India; Smoke-in at Hyde Park, sightings of UFOs, interview with Monica Sjoo-Trickey the Swedish activist and ‘pornographic’ painter, promo for Monterey International Pop Festival; Jeff Nuttall cartoon; review of Hendrix first album 'Are You Experienced'; review of The Move at UFO’; Love - the Da Capo album (Arthur Lee); Netherlands Dance Theatre; Mick Farren, ‘Pop in the Police State’.


it14.5: ‘Summer Sadness for John Hopkins’ - Hopkins’s Bust half-issue; ‘Hapshash and the Coloured Coat’ poster by Michael English

it14.75: poster by Sue Miles of flower springing from box “Free Hoppy”.

it15 June 16 1967: “Free Hoppy”,– John Hopkins imprisoned; Police raid IT, papers seized –ordered returned; Berlin riot Uprising v Shah of Iran’s visit; Mick Farren & Deviants; Pink Floyd at UFO; Review of Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls; Good Vibrations club; Pot Smokers Alliance, anti-police squads; Seedy Bee cartoon by Jeff Nuttall as Jay Phundle; events in Sweden, reviews of underground movies including Dali/ Bunuel, Rene Claire, Man Ray –12pp. Seized I.T. materials ordered to be returned – IT is not ‘obscene…’ Soft Machine, Brian Patten, Tomorrow,The Knack and Dead Sea Fruit at UFO. - 12 pp.

–“Once we thought to love more than one person was immoral, today it would be unthinkable to love only two..”

across top gutters: “The Way to resumption is to resume/ Arnold Wesker what have you done? / Wayland Young What Are You Doing? / There Is No Darkness Save Ignorance / Let Them Eat Fallacies / Roy Jenkins What Will You Do? / Lord Goodman What Did You Do? / One Root In The Equities, One in Acumen / Happy Treason..”


it15.25 1967: mimeographed flyer/ handbill issued at Hopkins’ arrest for possession of hashish

it16 June 30 - July 14 1967: "IN THEIR HEARTS THEY KNOW WE'RE RIGHT (Your Inactivity Put The Stones Inside) - PLAY IN THE PARKS YOU MUST...YOU CAN”; Charles Lloyd; Hugo Kasha on copyright; Interview with John Lee Hooker; Miles reports from NYC re. the East Village Scene and Ed Sanders/ Fugs / Grateful Dead, Tompkins Park Square; Timothy Leary in Millbrook; Exploding Galaxy; David Medela; “next week IT will publish a half issue for the Rolling Stones”; Letters: Pete Fryer / Suzie Creamcheese ; Running Man Books; Jeff Nuttall strip; ‘CYN' - 'IT Girl' centre page pin-up (Coke can..); Middle East situation; half-page ad for Indica Books; letters from Anton Artaud to Anais Nin; Arthur Brown at UFO club; Social Deviants at Happening 44 ad; Diggers in London; John Lee Hooker interviewed by Maxin Zwemmer, (he says Bob Dylan has ‘no soul’…)


Published by Lovebooks Ltd. from: 22 Betterton Street, London WC2. Editor: Bill Levy
it17 July 28 - Aug 13 1967: Original issue: “Time Is On Our Side” - following the Stones’ bust; Allen Ginsberg cover, chanting mantras at Legalise Pot Rally in Hyde Park; Rolling Stones’ Bust - Richards, Jagger, Robert Fraser arrest; Interview with Michael Abdul Malik( Michael X) by Richard Alpert; Dialectics Of Liberation conference / event; Objections to the Third World (there should be one); Alexander Trocchi - "Junkie to the Queen"; John Furnival – concrete poem; review of The People Show, UFO Club; Exploding Galaxy and The Arts Lab; Kleptomania; Yoko Ono – Bottom film No. 4; Dialectuals’ Masturbation; Tony Shields’s cartoon strip: ‘The Perfectly Astounding Adventures of Ron Wetlegg’ – part 1; Adverts (e.g. Tavistock Books offer David Cooper, Psychiatry and Anti-Psychiatry, R.D.Laing, The Divided Self, Michel Foucault, Madness &......
Back page ad for Pink Floyd, Shiva's Children, Eric Burdon & The New Animals, The Hydrogen Juke Box (pre-Third Ear Band) at UFO; Ad for New Sensory Armada, Zoe, Ian lloyd Blues Band and Social Deviants at Happening 44; Full page ad for Pink Floyd, Animals, Brian Auger, Blossom Toes, Tomorrow, Apostolic Intervention, Sam Gopal, Dream and Arthur Brown at the Alexandra Palace Love-in festival -16pp

it17 July 28 - Aug 24 1967: Second edition 'colour reprint' in green (15,000 first edition sold out)

it18 Aug 31 - Sep 13 1967: William Burroughs-’23 Skidoo Eristic Elite’; Hoppy (John Hopkins) sent back to jail; Frank Zappa –Mothers of Invention libretto for Absolutely Free and the portrait which formed the basis for the 1960’s poster known as ‘Zappa on the Krappa’; Electric Garden is renamed Middle Earth; Buckminster Fuller interview; Michael X; adverts for Oz Magazine, UFO. A ‘prison correspondent’ writes about ‘Fitting Up’; Phil Parsons on the People Show theatre group; John Peel’s ‘Perfumed Garden’ column; London Free School formed; Berlin Commune;Ad for Pink Floyd, Tomorrow, Move, Denny Laine and Eric Burdon and the Animals at UFO Festival. Ad for Social Deviants, Louise, Chicago N/W System, Pollen People, Mable Greers Toyshop, San Gopal at Happening 44; Graham Bond Organization, Social Deviants, Shiva's Children at Middle Earth. - 20 pp


it19 Oct 5 - 20 1967: First Birthday issue. “Centres and Lines of the Latent Power in Britain” by John Michell; Aleister Crowley – the proto-hippie; Alex Trocchi; Continuous Drawing from London to Amsterdam; LSD gene damage & acid report; Alex Trocchi; Jefferson Airplane, Surrealistic Pillow ad, and Yoko Ono at Lisson Gallery ad; ad for Jimi Hendrix / Arthur Brown at the Saville Theatre, ad for Nexus Film Festival at Royal Festival Hall; John Peel’s Perfumed Garden; Song For International Times –Kevin Ayers; IT means… quotes;
Author Leslie Fielder busted by the police; Ad for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, John's Children, Crying Shame and the Crazy World of Arthur Brown at the Saville; Ad for the Art's Lab; Ad for Denny Laine and the Knack, Soft Machine, Fairport Convention, Vanilla Fudge at UFO; Hieronymus Bosch; Reader responses on articles on Aleister Crowley in IT 17 and It 18; Continuous painting from Amsterdam to London; Nothing Hill Festival; Ad for Social Deviants, Sensory Amarda, Doctor K's Blues Band, South East Blues Band, Louise and Tintern Abbey at Happening 44; 20 pp.

“International Times is a mosaic of an inverted form of the old myths of the Holy Grail….An audacious union of masked words…The unchaining of natural forces…An ability to initiate the proposed dialogue…A seducer of the imagination…The persuasive equivalent of nuclear weapons. Not the effect of chance but proof of necessity…We need more street sellers in Amsterdam, in Berlin, in Paris, in Stockholm,in Rome, in Madrid, in Mexico City, in Washington DC etc. etc. England can only be regenerated as part of a world evolutionary process……” Page top manifestos: Bill Levy.


it20 Oct 27 - Nov 9 1967: “Consenting Adults –The IT Boys”; UFO club dies; Editorial discusses the legality of cannabis; Ezra Pound’s wartime speeches; “How good are your orgasms? - magical love making”; Tom Paine: Living Theatre; People Show; New York Diggers: 'Tribes Free Store & Day Glo Paint'; interview with Arthur Brown by Mick Farren; The Exploding Galaxy; John Peel's Perfumed Garden; the trial of Michael (Abdul Malik) X; Sexual-Political intrigue in Sikkim; Middle Earth; Kleptomania; Organic Arts Posters; Yoko Ono; Ron Geesin; Granny Takes A Trip… Maxwell Rigby interviews a disenchanted prison warder; Ad for "A Flight to Lowlands Paradise", Utrecht, The Netherlands with World of Arthur Brown, The Deviants, Exploding Galaxy, Group 69, Blues Dimensions, Cuby and the Blizzards, Moez Moez and Gloria; Full page ad for Jefferson Airplane LP Surrealistic Pillow by Malcolm Dean (Different from It 19); Ad for The Nice, Eyes of Blue, Limousine, West Indian Steel Band, John Peel, Incredible String Band with Mimi and Mouse, Fairport Convention, Blues Communion, Dreamland Express, Jeff Dexter, This Above All, Eternal Fruit, Corruption, Family, Doctor K's Blues Band, The Knack, Piccadilly Line, The Third Year at Middle Earth (Electric Prunes coming!); Ads for Yoko Ono; Hapshash and the Coloured Coat; Granny Takes a Trip; -20 pp.

it21 Nov 17 - 30 1967: “Kill All Blacks!” Reports of the trial of Michael X – Tod Lloyd; Psychedelic freakout with Suzy Creamcheese in Paris; D.Bill Ady’s ‘American Trojan Mare in Gangtok’ – Sikkim (part 2);Jean Straker, ‘FUN tremendous FUN’; John Taylor – will the Fletcher Case go to the Human Rights Commission?; Nemo, ‘Science and Non-Science’.;“ to whom it concerns” – big set of quotations from Buckminster Fuller, J.Z.Young, R.L.Gregory, Nigel Calder, John Lennon, William Blake; ‘Moon Glow’ – a page by Akbar del Piombo [Norman Rubington, d.1.1.1991] he of the pre-Monty Python Fuzz against Junk; reports from South America; John Peel’s ‘Perfumed Garden’ column; Mick Farren on Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘Hell’s Angels; list of principal contents of earlier IT issues (1-20) .Ads: Middle Earth Club, Granny Takes A Trip Boutique, Kleptomania Boutique, "Vacuum Cleaner" by Tintern Abbey...."
Picture of the Rolling Stones in Nazi uniforms; The General System of Man/Universe Relationship; Ad for Sean Phillips at Arts Lab; Ad for Fairport Convention, Crystal Ship, Jacobs Ladder Construction Co., John Peel; Danny Lane's Electric String Band, Alexis Korner, Pegasus, Jeff Dexter, Pretty Things, Chris McGregor Sextet and The Electric Prunes on various dates at Middle Earth; Ad for Ilene Astrahan at Arts Lab. -16 pp.


it22 Dec 15 -28 1967: Cover: Drawing by Astrahan. Poem and drawing by George Herms; Brion Gysin; Julian Beck and The Living Theatre; Magical Mystery Tour full page ad; “ Sex, Money and Action in a Supplementary Society’ – Julian Beck; John Peel’s Perfumed Garden column; Interview with Steve Abrams of SOMA re. Cannabis and ‘Times’ ad Dec. 15, 1967; Maharishi Yogi interview; half page ad for Velvet Underground; half page ad for Christmas at Kensington Christmas at Kensington = Xmas On Earth with Jimi Hendrix Experience / The Who / The Animals / The Move / Pink Floyd /Soft Machine; Marc Petros, ‘Stella [sic] Magnetism Affects You’; ad for World’s first psychedelic calendar; International news from Havana, America, Edinburgh, Washington, Berlin, Australia, Japan - Other Scenes by John Wilcock from Tokyo Harry Fainlight - ‘Reversed Adam’; ‘Something for Everyone at the Tate’ by Pamela Joline; Raymond Durgnat - ‘Understanding Kinkery’; N.Y. Diggers; Arthur Brown in Black Magic movie; Picture of Brion Gysin; picture from the Flight to Lowlands Paradise (Utrecht, The Netherlands); Does Pornography Matter? – 20pp




it22.5 New Year 1968: This issue conceived by Mal Dean. ‘Instant Information poster – ‘Happy New Year Immortalise Yourself ’by Mal Dean (feat. In book ‘Underground Graphics’) –Theda Bara IT logo/centre full-size illustration - ‘Happy New Life 1968’.short Mr Natural cartoon strip [Robert Crumb].

it23 Jan 5 - 19 1968: Other Scenes by John Wilcock, interview with Henry Irving- described as 'English Pornographer', Perfumed Garden - page feature by John Peel ; 1850 BC. by John Michell - Britain in Megalithic times as the spiritual centre of the world..; centre page-poster as full-page illustration associating the coming of the Millennium with the coming of the Messiah; pic of Country Joe & the Fish & Jimi Hendrix in concert at the Roundhouse & Olympia; review of The Doors Strange Days album; soundtrack of Ian Sommerville’s film on William Burroughs & Brion Gysin’s 'Cut Ups'; cartoon strip - 'Astounding Adventures of Ron Wetlegge', manifesto of Sinclair Eustace (parliamentary candidate), ‘The British State: an outline of necessary reforms’; Advance notice of a free university for London, and a visit by Captain Beefheart; Announcement First European Pop Festival Rome; Henry Irving – Pornographer; 1850 B.C. by John Mitchell; - 16 pp


Editor: Bill Levy; News Editor: Graham Plinsion; Diary Editor: Vicki Morris; Art: Frank; Research: John Hopkins; Business: Dave Hall; Distribution: Russ Hunter

“Proper recognition of being is wonderment / international wonderment/congress of the fourth age/ideas are moving around/Marxism is not an ism....it’s a wasm / Interstellar Times witnesses/assaults Eternity/Grace is dancing through dust with the irrevocable mad/International Times/knowing and knowing there is nothing to know/rise and flourish for all your worth (it is all your worth) / shine, radiate joy, bliss and whoopee vibrations/paradise feels like the radiance released by a radiant person/the Daily Press is largely responsible for the dreary events they describe/the economic pre-requisite of an ideology/explains its material basis but not its irrational core/all evidence is finally sensory/friendly is to be nice to all in your life.” – In & around gutters of #23

it24 Jan 19 - Feb 1 1968: fold-out refracted cover of IT girl; The Menacing Eye by Jeff Nuttall – 2 pages of supreme autobiographical rant; Guest Editorial – Phil Parsons; Cuba, Belgium, Paris round-ups;Interview with Fritz Teufel; Berlin round-up; Rare Interview with Roy Lichtenstein; John Peel's Perfumed Garden; Alex Gross; London’s Anti-University announces courses; Gary Snyder; KNOKKE - Experimental Film Festival report from Belgium; Unicorn Bookshop raided; Folk Festival at Royal Albert Hall, The Watersons / Incredible String Band / Al Stewart/ Roy Harper...Ad: Bristol Arts Centre

Editor: Bill Levy; Assistant Editor: Dave Robins; Diary: Vicki Morris. Editorial Board: Jim Haynes, Michael Henshaw; John Hopkins, Miles, J. Henry Moore, Nigel Samuel, Bill Levy

A call from Carlisle….the paper’s being printed Thurs morning…arrange transport…Phone Bill, what weight is it mate?...17 cwt. Transit arranged…it will mean overloading but what the hell…My fault if it goes wrong..Hendon…M1….Cats eyes….Cats Eyes….I hate Cats….Carlisle here we come…Mist….Rain M1 done….Yarooo..M6 ahead….Zoooom…Speed…..wind…brakes poor….steering loose….hell….cats eyes…sleet….rain…cold….joint….Lancaster ahead A6 ..mist..wife walking in front…..accidents…Danger….help…cats eyes….Tired…sleep…pull into lay-by….light joint….lights behind us….someone else parking..pass the joint…Van door opens…Hallo, We’re County Police….Where? What? How? Why?...hick type police go….relax..sleep…cold…rain…4.30am….on again…..Rainrainrain….mistmist…mistthickmist…where’s the road…Hell….Cafe….tea…bacon…eggs….Hear the sound…who’s still stoned…off again…wheee…Penrith…Hello Penrith..Good morning Penrith, nice to see you Penrith. Find printer…good morning printer….two hours you say, OK We’ll come back…Café….bacon juke box…Rain now outside. Large city on the left…lights….lights…lights…Cats eyes..swoosh…tanker sprays me with crap..Sleep,sleep,sleep..two hours glorious kip….Awake….London….traffic….jams…jams…West End…Dirty…Unclean….Drop 5,000 off at M.H’s…other…..Cafe…on rain….The Motorway…..M6….wind….Tired….fed up….its loosing its cr…….on Endell St…..turn left…..THERE….GREAT…..”Where have you been?” somebody said, “Balls” was the reply.

it25 Feb 2 - 15 1968: Green cover with Mushroom; 2/3 page Gilbert Shelton cartoon; Article re. Leroi Jones incarceration in New Jersey; Tribe of the Sacred Mushroom Commune; Timothy Leary – ‘You Are A God, Act Like One’; IT Experimental Music Supplement – 4 pages – Cornelius Cardew interview / Hugh Davies / Cahe / Maybury / Souster; Jimi Hendrix, John Cage, Captain Beefheart at Middle Earth club; Phallic Ghost Snake Phobia Suspended by Jeff Nuttall - lamenting the ‘poor quality of the arts which accompany [the psychedelic movement]’ ; Timothy Leary discusses his slogan ‘Turn-on, Tune-in, Drop-out’; Mr Natural – Robert Crumb; Warhol’s Chelsea Girls review’; picture of Betterton St. Office. – 1/6 - 16pp

it26 Feb 16 - 29 1968: ‘appropriated’ International Situationist strip on cover: words Raoul Vaneigem; graphic Andre Bertram. Allen Ginsberg: ‘The Maharishi and Me’; The Free University Alexander Trocchi, Robert Tasher and Harold Norse on the ‘Anti-University’; Family Dog and Middle Earth ads, J.G. Ballard’s poem - Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan; International reports including from Sweden, Manila, New York, Germany; Centre-spread ‘IT Supports Dick Gregory for president of the USA’; A page of letters about censorship, from Tom Maschler, John Calder, Marion Boyars and Charles Marowitz; John Peel’s ‘Perfumed Garden’ column; Short interview with Captain Beefheart.


“International times is a fact of life*woven in order as cords on a loom*all astute men can see IT encircling, with splendour to trace out and bind together with the sun under it all as lacquer in sunlight*to unscrew the inscrutable***If you mind your own business they (the phonies) will fade out before they have to be druv**Get rid of flimsy foundations Of heaven earth and things without shadows***cut the cackle* and do not believe’ em* IT observes the weather, hears thunder seeks to include, free from all possessiveness in affections* Keep mind on the root..*Take care of the body as an implement; it is useful*to shield you from floods**and rascality*shallow prides spend their time slanting rumours keeping things off center and blabber-mouth**Courage only comes*when one knows to what extent, courage is universal*the participant is the best observer*what is worth knowing cannot be taught**Let the phallus perceive its aim***Looking at the sky is leading us to new patterns of thought:::Approaching AD., A.M – Fitoscreenic-Hermes IYS***If IT never publishes anything save what is already understood the field of understanding will never be extended***International Times prefers to flow*with an astonishing number of apparition successes***International Time - a finality that binds things together by communication***IT will bring luck out of the air*Support our advertisers, they support us.” – run along top gutters of IT 27

it27 March 8 - 21 1968: Smokin' Mickey! Cover by Mike Rudston; Design for Positive Effectiveness -3d cover attempt); French Cinema - Paris Community Unites in Support of Langlois Cinematheque and Freedom from Art Administrators by Victor Herbert; the International Underground activities of Berlin, Finland (Spermfest by Sisko Hynninen), Sweden; De Stijl at the Camden Arts Centre; Yugoslav Cinema censorship; big ads for Fairport Convention and Incredible String Band; Kevin Ayers poem – ‘When I was at school’; John Peel's Perfumed Garden mourns Middle Earth bust raid; King Ida’s Watch Chain – “they were playing when Middle Earth was raided” ; Special Pop Supplement with A to Z of artists including Albert King, Alexis Korner, B.B.King, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Paul Butterfield, Byrds, Chicken Shack, Country Joe and the Fish, Cream, Fairport Convention, Incredible String Band, Jefferson Airplane, Hendrix, John; Miles column; the Mary Finnigan bust story; letter re. origin of #26 cover; Tyrannosaurus Rex, Fusion, New Nadir, Green Ginger, Junior Eyes and Family at Middle Earth; Paris Community;


Assistant Editor Dave Robins; Editorial Assistants: Robert Tasher; Phil Parsons

it28 April 5 - 18 1968: Gary Snyder cover. Amsterdam: Fantasio & Paradiso; Berlin Commune News; Gary Snyder discusses the implications of the term ‘Tribe’. Chicago Yippies and the Democratic convention; Stockholm, phallic magicians open fire at moon event; a guide to macrobiotic food; Rome – Full-page advert for the ‘First European International Pop Festival’ with performers scheduled to include Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Zoot Money's Dantalion's Chariot, Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll, Dragonfly, The End, Pebbles, No To Go, Robati, Samurai, Ten Years After, Traffic, Soft Machine Family, Nice, Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, Traffic, Fairport Convention, Ten Years After and many others including the unconfirmed Big Brother and the Holding Company, Country Joe and the Fish, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane etc.; Yoga, Sex and the Magic Mushroom; The Hyde Park Diggers; Perfumed Garden column by John Peel. ‘A Diet for Friends’ (part 1) – Body as implement; Centre-spread on Tantric Sex is reprinted from the November 1967 edition of the Oracle of Southern California; advert for the first issue of The Running Man magazine; Ad for Albion Awakening at Middle Earth with Fairport Convention, Action, Pete Brown Poetry Band, Third Ear Band, Dreamboat, Jeff Dexter, Dave Tomlin, Occurrences; Ad for The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, John Mayall, Tim Buckley, Alexis Korner, People Show, Arlo Guthrie, Soft Machine and Release benefit ball with Action, Attack, Blossom Toes, Doc K's Blues Band, Fairport Convention, Family Fusion, Pete Brown's Poetry Band, Piccadilly Line, Pretty Things


it29 April 19 – May 2 1968: Cover by Francis Vasseur. Interview with Rudi Dutschke the German revolutionary, before his attempted assassination; Victory Thru Vegetables by Greg Sams; ‘UFO is Dead’ – an analysis of the demise of the venue of that name including graphic display of the origin of user; a lot about London’s ARTS LAB, especially film, including interviews, opinion etc...Open letter to Tariq Ali from John Hopkins; letter to IT from Mick Farren; Ads for Captain Beefheart, The Deviants, Uriel, Brian Auger Trinity with Julie Driscoll, Audience, Tintagel, Ike and Tina Turner, Thackeray, Owen Russell Blues Band, Fairport Convention, Tangerine Slyde, Ginger Johnson, Soft Machine, People Show, King Ida's Watch Chain and Memphis Leather at Middle Earth.

Bill Levy has gone....Peter Stansill editing...

it30 May 3 - 16 1968: IT discovers offset litho printing... Experimental layout consisting of a series of two page spreads mapping out the alternative scene. Centre pages consist of a huge map of the ‘three villages’ of Notting Hill – ‘Interzone’; Letter from John Hopkins regarding his previous article on Tariq Ali; Amsterdam by Simon Vinkenoog: Copenhagen by George Streeton & Jorgen Aurvig; Berlin by Alex Gross; Perfumed Garden by John Peel; Ad for Captain Beefheart, The Nice, Uriel, Come Early, Ginger Johnson, Tangerine Slyde, Mick Farren's Deviants, The Family, The Action, The Byrds, Spider, John Koerner and Family at Middle Earth (Pink Floyd expected); Ad for Civil Liberties and Release Benefit with Pete Brown's Poetry Band, Adrian Henry, Adrian Mitchell, Brian Patten, Spike Hawkins, Alexis Korner, Fairport Convention, Tyrannosaurus Rex, The Exploding Galaxy and John Peel; Ads for Middle Earth, Tintern Abbey (band), OZ, Incredible String Band – 16pp


it31 May 17 - 30 1968: Co-ordinated by John Hopkins; Sounds/Music Special: Grateful Dead and San Francisco Free City; William Burroughs ’23 Skidoo Eristic Elite’; Jefferson Airplane; extended interview with Mick Jagger by Miles over three pages; news on Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Liverpool Scene, The Byrds, Ocean (Swedish), Chris McGreggor. News of Release, Hyde Park Diggers, news from Jail, tribal stirrings around the country; advert for a concert by Tyrannosaurus Rex & Roy Harper ‘with’ Stephan Grossman and David Bowie (and ‘Vibrations’ by John Peel); BIT Information Service; Tribe Time –The Eternal Yoni; John Peel’s Perfumed Garden; Michael X; German Art; Interview with Jacques Tarnero, a member of ‘The March 22 Movement’ at Nanterre University.; comment about India and Africa... as well as Scandinavia;
Fillimore (sic), Diggers etc.; Leicester; Ad for OZ benefit concert; Ads for Pink Floyd, Alexis Korner, Free, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Zoot Money, Spice, Broomdusters, Fairport Convention, Flame, Occasional Word Ensemble, Slyde, Tangerine, Blossom Toes, Musical Electronica ,Viva, Captain Beefheart, Flue Girl, Killing Flood, Memphis Leather, Jade, Hexogram, New Mythology, Vamp (Ex- Sam Gopals Dream) at Middle Earth; Ad for Gandalf's Garden Magical Sunday at Middle Earth with T. Rex, Hapshash & Coat, John Peel; - 16 pp.


IT: Member of Underground Press Syndicate (UPS)

it32 May 31 - June 13 1968: Paris Free issue! “Special Rush: Paris Alt. Society Now... UK: 1/6, Paris:Free;” BIT Information Service; Tribe Time –The Eternal Yoni; John Peel’s Perfumed Garden; Michael X; German Art Interview with Jacques Tarnero, a member of ‘The March 22 Movement’ Nanterre University; Psychedelic art; Hurdy Gurdy; Review of Michael Abdul Malik's book; Announcement of "The First Holiness Kitschgarden for the Liberation of Love and Peace in Colours", organized by Lahoblobloe (Let Hundred Flowers Bloom) in The Hague on June 14 and 15, 1968; Tilo Keil; Dutschke; Ads for the Incredible String Band at the Royal Albert Hall; Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, The Action, Deviants, People Show, Pegasus and the People Show, King Ida's Watch Chain, The Battered Ornaments, Brian Auger and the Trinity (with Julie Driscoll), Blonde on Blonde, Spooky Tooth, The Fusion, Tribe of the Sacred Mushroom at Middle Earth;

*IT workers ad hoc committee:
C-ordination: Robert Tasher; Words: Peter Stansill; Kip Gallagher; Images/Layout: Graham Keen; Business: Dave Hall.
Other activity (Board of Trustees.): Jim Haynes / Jack Henry Moore / Michael Henshaw / Miles / Bill Levy

it33 June 14 - 27: Front and rear page open into poster illustration- “Flight of The Bethlehem Star: A Space Poem Revealed” by Michael English; Aleister Crowley –The Golden Dawn by Kenneth Grant; The Constant Flux – news from around the world; Guerilla Pop by Mick Farren (The Deviants..); article by Kevin Ayers of Soft Machine; Who’s Afraid of Icarus? (asteroid); The Hindu Trinity by Max Zwemmer; Tribe Time 2; reports and articles about/from Africa, Belgium, France; John Peel’s Perfumed Garden; Ad for free Hyde Park concert with Pink Floyd, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Bonzo Dog Doo dah Band, The Nice, Juniors Eyes; Kevin Ayers of Soft Machine; Ad for Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Danny Thompson, Terry Cox and Jacqui McShee at the Royal Festival Hall; Ad for Warwick University Arts Festival with The Family, Roy Harper, Robin Thompson, Incredible String Band, Cornelius Cardew, Chris McGregor; Review concert by Roy Harper, Tyrannosaurus Rex with David Bowie and Stefan Grossman; Cannes Film Festival; John Peel. -20pp.


Published by “IT Workers Co-op”:

it34 June 28 – July 11 1968: Final City – a feature from the San Francisco Oracle (one of the very first underground newspapers); Hornsey College of Art / London School of Economics student unrest - ‘Cosmocracy’ – article “written as a result of a conversation in the IT office… a few hours before a group of LSE and other students were due to come and occupy the IT building”. Apple talent Ad (a John Lennon Drawing) -Quarter Page. Reviews of the United States of America (band), Mick Farren’s Social Deviants; Inter-Action’s Ambiance lunch-hour theatre; Hermine Demoriane – Paris report; Mothers of Invention; Small Faces; John Coltrane; Miles Davis; The Nice "America"(half page ad - members holding children with the faces of John and Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King); SOMA and Legalise Pot Rally in Hyde Park by Steve Abrams; Incredible String Band in The Albert Hall on the Saturday followed by Morning Raga on Sunday Morning...Pink Floyd free in Hyde Park in the Afternoon and The Nice in concert in the Evening. (Blackhill Enterprises.-Half Page Week-end Ticket-£2.00) Pyramid Perspectives; Copenhagen news - 20 pp

“At Hornsey a microcosm of society changed totally, the people who took over had to challenge the inner organisation, to change its relationships with the outside world, and to change themselves. Revolution of thought and feeling is the only permanent revolution. A structure can only work so long as it grows out of feeling. The only magic wand was our imagination. Anyone, anywhere, can create this revolution.
‘Hornsey—The Flower Breaks the Concrete’- Written shortly after the student ‘takeover’ at the Hornsey College of Art.

it35 July 12 - 25 1968: Black Panthers and the trial of Huey P Newton; Revolutionary Politics in France; John Osborne; Letter from John Lennon to Coventry Cathedral; LSD; John Peel’s Perfumed Garden; A pamphlet by Salvador Dali, distributed on the streets of Paris during the May ’68 revolution; Nude Demos; Message of the Pyramids; Politics of the Imagination; Midsummer Raga; Review of Jean Luc Godard’s film ‘Weekend’ by Joel W. Finler; review of John Lennon exhibition ‘To Yoko’; Long poem (centre spread) ‘Paradise Now’ by Julian Beck, Living Theatre; Tribe Time part 3; Lumpy Gravy – Zappa review


Copyright IT. (Printing, Publishing & Promotions Ltd.)

it36 July 26 – Aug 8 1968: Castro Cover; “Happy Birthday Revolution”; Digger energy; Head Quest - poster centrefold "Happy Revolution Birthday" which hails the continued success of the Cuban Revolution in a montage that includes Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, the Cuban flag and the happy smiling faces of those living in the Socialist paradise... Digger Manifesto entitled "Life Is Energy Is Free" - an unsigned piece of utopian writing ;review of William Burroughs The Soft Machine; by Report of a trip to Kathmandu; Exorcism of Angst; Articles about psychiatry, ‘energy’, Henry Moore sculpture; review of the Beatles film The Yellow Submarine;

it37 Aug 9 - 22 1968: Cover by ‘Cybernetic Serendipity’; Stephen Ralstan on South Africa, 10 years after the Sharpville massacre; Meher Baba; Why I Kicked My Underground Habits by Ray Durgnat; Matisse at the Hayward; Rasputin, Spooky tooth, South Africa; Anti-Vietnam demos; John Peel’s Perfumed Garden; Takis; Middle Earth’s Magical Mystery Tour back page advert feat. Traffic, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Family, Pretty Things, Free, Incredible String Band; Speed; Goddard. -20pp


Published by Knullar (Printing, Publishing & Promotions) Ltd.

it38 Aug 23 - Sep 5 1968: Explanation that although IT is still to be published by IT Workers’ Co-operative, the new registered name of Its publisher is now Knullar, standing for Karmic Neo-Universal League for Liberty And Reality. “Before anyone starts hearing rumours....this outfit is none other than IT worker’s C0-op it is only the name that has been emasculated on its journey through the blood vessels of the bureaucracy.”
Cover is a reproduction of a seditious handbill offering a "reward for information leading to the apprehension of Jesus Christ - Wanted for Sedition - Criminal Anarchy - Vagrancy and conspiring to overthrow the established government." Full page Perfumed Garden column from John Peel; extract from a speech given by Fidel Castro in the "Year of the Heroic Guerilla"; The Fragmented Philosophy by Miles; Police Theatre; pivotal letter ‘from an over 30’ by Geoffrey Ashe; Apple ad; John Peel; Jeff Nuttall letter*; Translation of a broadsheet manifesto addressed to a French theatre fesival (Avignon). Poem by Brian Patten, “The Many Faced Creature”; *back page ad from Effective Communications Arts Limited – an IT mail order poster etc. initiative

it39 Sep 6 - 19 1968: Jean Luc Goddard interview by Hermine Demoraine; Article by R.D.Laing, “A Shared Perspective”; Olympics, Mexico City’68; The Doors, review and pics; Butterfield Blues band and Grateful Dead; Family; James Taylor; Interview with Ustad Vilayat Khan; Kicking Dope In Brum; Presidents and Pigs by David Mairowitz; Dan Omer writes “Quo Vadis Israel?” Articles about Speed (Caroline Coon of Release), THC...Back page ad for Apple –first four releases (Jacky Lomax, Black Dyke Mills Band, Hey Jude); 24pp

it40 Sep 20 - Oct 3 1968: cover is a "transcendental sound vibration" or mantra designed by Yamuna Devi Dasi; ‘Underground Construction’ - Emmanuel Petrakis; “Love and Fornication”, 3-part series – Theodore Faithfull (Marianne’s father..); Principal Edwards Magic Theatre design centre spread; The Fugs; report from Melbourne, Australia; Jefferson Airplane; Apple Blossoms -Reviews Of The First Four Singles including Hey Jude; "Black Power or Death" an excerpted speech by Obi Egbuna of Britain's Black Panthers who was "charged in a London court with [uttering] a writing threatening to murder police officers"; back cover features a cartoon exhorting the use of psychedelics "Play with your cells and become your own food!" .


Published from 27 Endell Street London WC2:

it41 Oct 4 - 17 1968: Norman Mailer interview by Harvey Matusow; Love & Censorship; Olympics of Repression; Love and Fornication" part 2 by Theodore Faithfull; John Peel's Perfumed Garden features Captain Beefheart "Strictly Personal"; Article on the Poetry International Festival by Mike Chapman; Simon Stable; Jo-Anne Kelly; Janis Joplin and Deep Purple; Full page ads for Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and Tim Buckley & David Ackles. Half page ads for Jethro Tull and Traffic; Interview with Tom O' Horgan,director of the musical Hair ; page of writing and images about the ‘Motherfuckers’.

it42 Oct 18 – 31 1968: Cover: IT girl with Birthday cake (2nd anniversary; variant covers - one version is yellow and purple and one is in blue and orange); John Peel’s Perfumed Garden; review of Leary’s High Priest; South Africa; The Birth of Autonome – a report from Zurich; New York Trauma; review of Frank Zappa; Presidential elections; feature: From Rock to Acid Rock; Incredible String Band at Royal Albert Hall; Phil Ochs; The Fugs; The Ballad of Ho Chang - an anti-Vietnam war piece; Pete Stansill looks back from the second anniversary of IT; Birth of the autonomes in Zurich, Switzerland after the Jimi Hendrix concert that ended in a riot; New York trauma; Vietnam; Miles on Frank Zappa's Ruben and the Jets; Vietnam; Ads for Jon Hiseman's Colosseum and the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation at Klooks Kleek, Alexis Korner Blues Band, Roy Harper, Pete Brown, Deviants, Action, Ron Geesin at Porchester Halls, Junior Eyes, Sleepy and Family at the Country Club, Tiny Tim with the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Joe Cocker and Peter Sarsted at the Royal Albert Hall. Blue Cheer, Elderberry Clinic, Pink Floyd and Fox at Middle Earth; Pigs and Presidents II; Ad for Third Ear Band, David Bowie, Doris Henderson, George Smith, Mike Vernon, Pegasus Blues, Mimi & Mouse, Simon Stable & Pete Drummond on Plastic Dream Machine at Time Out ; Free Bank Benefit at the Country Club


it43 Nov 1 - 14 1968: Third Ear Band; Alternative education; Workless Society; Revolution; Notting Hill Tribe; 50 years of Feminism; Censorship, Animation in Film; Electric Flag; Mike Cooper; "The Workless Society" by Herbert Lomas, "Compulsory Mis-education" by Emmanuel Petrakis and "In the Reservation" by Courtney Tulloch. Therodore Faithfull sums up Feminism in his article "50 years of the Wrong Road"

it44 Nov 15 – 28 1968: ‘Harmony’- 7 John Lennon drawings; Grosvenor Square anti-Vietnam war demo –what went wrong?; ‘Magic music, Nova music and Pink’ – Acid Rock review; Greece & the Junta - Generals in Greece; The Yippies; Theatre of Change; (‘Christ would not be a stranger to you.’); Three Wise Wishes for the Future: Direction, Intention, Immortality by Wayne Woodman; Pigs & Presidents: 3 “nothing wrong with America that a good erection won’t cure” by David Mairowitz; Free Greece; ‘Birmingham Arts Lab up against it’ ; Confusion: The Great Divide by Courtney Tulloch; Arts Lab Drury Lane; Ads: The Deviants, Pentangle, Gandalf's Garden Middle Earth Club, Forbidden Fruit Boutique


it45 Nov 29 - Dec 12 1968: Lennon/Ono Two Virgins ad; Herbert Macuse: What is one-dimensional thought and who's Marcuse?" by Bob Wistrich; Alternative Italy; Dr John / Captain Beefheart; Grateful Dead; Soft Machine overview; Beatles White Album reviewed; SF Sorrow; The Workless Society; Ralph Mctell; John Peel’s Perfumed Garden; Drury Lane Arts Lab split – the different factions elucidate; London Film Festival; Was Hey Jude a message to Dylan..?. "; Tales of Italian Evolution by Bradley Martin; a page from Daevid Allen, late of Soft Machine / Gong; "Putting the 'free' into free jazz by Victor Schonfield, centre spread of the life of Krishna plus the second part of Herbert Lomas' article about the Workless Society; Felix ‘Scorpio’ column…

it46 Dec 13 - 31 1968: ‘The Last Ecstatic Moans of 1968’; cover features Cromwellian proclamation banning Christmas... Ankor Wat: full page poem by Allen Ginsberg; interview with Michael McClure, writer/director; New York report –Alex Gross; Death of Dogma – Dave Robins; David Mendella – From Kathakali to Biokinetic Theatre: The Exploding Galaxy; Arts Lab split; Tom McGrath: Grunts from Glasgow; Perfumed Garden – John Peel; Counter Culture, The Creation of an Alternative Society by Joseph Berke; Free Schools Campaign – Emmanuel Petrakis’ Jean Luc Godard at NFT (One Plus One); John Lennon's "prick" is interviewed in a fictitious piece about vegetarianism - "Being Another Conversation With John Lennon's Prick On The State Of Meat."; Lyrics from ‘Stones Beggars Banquet published; full back page ad for The Alchemical Wedding at the Albert Hall Dec 18th…




it47 Jan 1 - 16 1969: "Know Thyself! Take your positions for '69"; Love and Socialism by Dave Robins; "Ken Kesey, The Hells Angels - Rock and Danny from The Grateful Dead management Visit London". Naked In The New Age; The Social Deviants; Crosby, Stills and Nash - A ‘Supergroup’ forms; Ten Years After; A Guide to Police Searches; John Peel’s Perfumed Gardenl; Australia; South Africa; Spain; USA Lennon/Ono - Two Virgins ad; Terry Reid review; plus the third part of Herbert Lomas' article about the Workless Society; Gigs: Queen Elizabeth Hall (Tyrannosaurus Rex & John Peel); Klooks Kleek - Juniors Eyes, Van der Graaf Generator, Jethro Tull); Country Club - Idle Race, Ten Years After; Middle Earth at the Roundhouse - Pink Floyd, Love Sculpture, Fairport Convention, Caravan…


it48 Jan 17 - 30 1969: Biafra “–genocide as spectator sport”; Northern Ireland –The Rocky Road to Derry; Kinetic Art Middle Earth ad; The Wooton Report; Pot culture; Guyana; understanding America... "Education / Liberation" by Emmanuel Petrakis, "Pot Culture" by Clement Mwana Wa Adamu; centre spread of Fugs star Tuli Kupferberg's poems called "Longing For London"; extracts from an interview with Len Lye;

it49 Jan 31 - Feb 13 1969: Culture, Space, Love and the Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds. Satish Kumar’s imaginary interview with Mahatma Gandhi; Buckminster Fuller; Interview with Ghandi; John Peel’s regular column; Jeff Nuttall on “Art and Society”; Lady Wooton talks to Caroline Coon (of Release) about pot; Herbert Lomas on Population; + other political, musical and the usual journalism about what’s happening, Aleister Crowley and Sexual Magick; review of William Burroughs Naked Lunch trilogy; Black Culture- White Culture- Chinese Culture; Legalise Dope Campaign; Squatting; Steve Dwoskin’s Hot Nudes paintings; underground scene in Sydney; Alternative Brum – 24pp

it50 Feb 14 - 27 1969: ”Over 40,000 of you buy IT.” LSE riots; Soviet attack on Czechoslovakia ; Soul On Ice – Eldridge Cleaver; Confessions of an Upper Class Hippie Chick; Prague Invasion, The Linear Revolt (Jan Palach); legal aspects of renting a home (your Pad & the Law); Incredible String Band, Tyrannosaurus Rex ads. John Peel’s Perfumed Garden; Acid Rock – from the Ergot Fields; Sex and the Theatre; Arts Labs meeting; Prisons in Turkey; The vandalism of authority; Eldridge Cleaver Ad for Al Stewart and Jon Hiseman's Colloseum at Enfield College; Ad for Taste, Jody Grind, Freddy King, Steam Hammer, Killing Floor and the Family at Klooks Kleek; Ad for Union Blues, Roy Harper and Steve Miller's Delivery at The Resurrection Club; Ad for Al Stewart at Wells Music and at Kings Head; Ad for Roland Kirk, Ron Geesin, Edgar Broughton Band, Third Ear Band, Pretty Things and Pete Brown and his Battered Ornaments at the Country Club. -24pp


it51 Feb 28 - March 13 1969: Death of Meher Baba; Paris and LSE riots; “Police Universe Panic Page”; Drawings of Laurel & Hardy under THC... "Paris: Prison As Media" by Felix Scorpio; ’Pollution’ by Miles in New York; the poem Assassination Raga by Lawrence Ferlinghetti with pictures of Sirhan Sirhan and references to the Bobby Kennedy killing; Learning Cannabis by Adam Parker-Rhodes plus a transcript of the trial of Fritz Teufel and Rainer Langhans (later linked to the Baader-Meinhof Red Army Faction) after they were indicted on charges of incitement after producing a leaflet in which "People were asked to tick the building they would most like to see burned - like the house of Springer, America House, the house of Gunter Grass - and return the questionnaire to the Kommune"; Miles in New York; ‘The Fool’ record ad..; The Alchemic 3rd Ear Band; Excerpts from ‘Revolution For the Hell of It” by Abbie Hoffman.

it52 March 14 - 27 1969: Politics V Pleasure: Will We Ever Transcend Both? London School of Non-Violence; A centre page spread about squatting “Squatters Re-people Emptiness” The cover also features a striking image of a naked interracial embrace which subsequently caused a newspaper vendor to be prosecuted for displaying an obscene image


The famous Drury Lane Arts Lab Squat; The Amsterdam scene with e.g. Fantasio and Paradiso; London School of non-violence; Apple Theatre; Ads for Edgar Broughton, Roy Harper, Circus and Pete Brown's Battered Ornaments at the Country Club and for Country Joe McDonald, The Liverpool Scene at the Magic Village; Picture of the Chambers Brothers; Ad for Junior's Eyes, Aardvark, Chicken Shack, Track, The End and Led Zeppelin at Klooks Kleek; Ad for Eclection, The Ax and John Hiseman's Colliseum at Frax Club; Ad for The Groundhogs and Rare Amber at The Resurrection Club; Arts Lab squat; Ad for Eclection, Timebox, Dr K's Blues Band, Steve Miller's Delivery, Ron Geesin, Bridget St. John, Forest and Gerry Shore at Bedford College -24pp

“I was busted for selling International Times (the one with two innocently nude people on the cover) at Notting Hill tube station in '68 and went to court charged with peddling an indecent publication and was remanded pending the trial.

I was sent to some god awful place in Essex where I was treated like a leper because of the obscenity tag, and I was just a harmless, penniless hippy. I got rapidly fed up with the whole scene and absconded…god knows what happened at the trial.

Some years later I was hitching in the West Country and I was checked out by the local constabulary (bless their hearts) and the failure to attend the trial was discovered via the criminal records department - I was once again remanded (only for a few hours this time) until it was discovered that the arresting officer had subsequently died and they could no longer press a charge against me. Their faces were pictures of wrath when they realized that they had to release this arch pornographer who even expressed his sorrow at the demise of the officer..

I was back on the road at about 4.am, freezing cold and mightily pissed off at IT - the staff of which did absolutely sweet FA to aid me in my initial predicament of the arrest and detention. I think that neither IT nor the law comes out of this story very well.

I am now a very successful uillaenn piper and reedmaker.

Peace and whisky to whoever reads this.”

-Allan Moller

it53 Mar 28 - April 10 1969: Black Power; cover illustration –Mal Dean; Rolling Stones; Drury Lane Squat – controversy between Hell’s Angels and anarchists..; Jimi Hendrix 3- page interview with Jane de Mendelssohn, including an advocation of burning down warehouses in the name of Black Power; 'free jazz' and improvisation at...; Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper; MC5 and John Peel's Perfumed Garden; Cum comics featuring Spiegal & Sschliegal; Articles on Anguilla, Genesis London arts- squat busted; "Swedes Mummify Underground as Acid Returns" by David Mairowitz; "It's all over on Haight Street" and "Road to Rahajamapoor" by Michael Chapman. Also the Wonderful World of Waldo Womb; ads for Janis Joplin, Colosseum, Family, Pete Brown and his Battered Ornaments, Keef Hartley, Captain Beefheart and Pink Floyd; Hard Meat; "Plasticine is a nice thing to give people - that's what seven year olds smell like." – John Lennon. -28pp

Personality Cult: Words: Peter Stansill, Felix Scorpio; Music: Mark Williams; Images/layout: Graham Keen, Reg.IT Missionary: Roger Phillips

it54 April 11 - 24 1969: Art Lab-otomy ; an interview with Diggers spokesman Emmet Grogan called "There Is A Great Deal To Be Silent About"; Berlin – The Politics of Acid; Vinoba Bhave; "Nothing is Forever In History" by Herbert Marcuse ; Plug & Socket music section: Country Joe McDonald interview; Robert Plant / Led Zeppelin interview; Hard Meat; Edgar Broughton Band and Forest. John Peel's Perfumed Garden; Simon Stable; articles on ‘Head Light’ light shows and the Turquoise Pantomime. 28pp


it55: April 25 – May 8 1969: (Says ‘1960’ on cover); cover by S. Sassoon and A. Turnbull; ’Sydney Scene; Camden Arts Festival; The Man from Galactic Central –an overview of Scientology; H.P.Lovecraft (band) review; The Nice/Full-page ad for Beatles ‘Get Back’"; Mantra Rock" a look at repetition in art; "A Flamenco Primer" by 'Habichuela' "The Revolt Against Banality"; Alexander Trocchi at the Arts Lab; Mary Barnes; India; Haight Ashbury; Camden Arts Festival; The Nice - Interview by Miles (2 pp.); Ad for The Liverpool Scene and the Harold McNair Quartet at Civic Hall, Guilford; Ad for The LIverpool Scene at St. Pancras Town Hall; Harvey Matusow's Jews Harp Band; Exploitation by the owners of concert hall The Lyceum?; Flamenco; Ad for The Jeff Beck Group with Caravan, Al Stewart, Ron Geesin, Sam Gopal's Dream and The Edgar Broughton Band at Midnight Court, The Lyceum, London; Ad for Junior's Eyes, Hard Meat, The Free, Pretty Things at the Country Club and for Spooky Tooth and Jackie Lomax at the Freakeasy, and for Jody Grind at the Roebuck; Ads for Champion Jack Dupree, Steam Hammer, Mike Absalom and the Panama Jug Band at Lanchester College Union, Edgar Broughton Band and Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee at the Toby Jug Club; Ad for Van der Graaf Generator and Steam Hammer at the Resurrection Club; Ad for Terry Reid, Junco Partners, Junior's Eyes, Aardvark, Keef Hartley and Spice at Klooks Kleek; Review of Tom Wolfe's "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid test by Miles; Scientology; Ad for City Student '69 with Moody Blues, Pentangle, East of Eden, Julian Chagrin & The Liverpool Scene, Alan Brown, Colloseum, Herbie Goins, Portrait, Sunken Garden, Don Rendell- Ian Carr Quintet, Tinkers, John Martyn & Alex Campbell; Ad for Jeff Beck Group, Caravan, Ron Geesin, Al Stewart, The Gods, John Hiseman's Colloseum at Farx; Scientology. -28 pp

it56 May 9 - 22 1969: “Who’s Got the Fear? You ain’t seen nothing yet...” Arts Lab; The Living Theatre; Front page thoughts on the police raid of 28 April for ‘obscene’ small ads featuring a Gysin/Burroughs style cut-up of the Obscene Publications Act; ISRAEL –The Outer Edge; *back page is Allen Ginsberg’s poem –Kral Majales; Mexican Ongos mushroom trip; ‘Z’ is for Zapple ad; Plug & Socket music supplement – The Who’s Tommy reviewed; Frank Zappa; snide comments, vicious rumours and downright lies gossip column; Elektra ad; Ron Geesin –a long interview; the centre pages are a wonderful two-sided pull out that can be folded into a booklet entitled How To Enjoy Reality exhorting the wonders of drugs - with insights from Alex Trocchi, Allen Ginsberg, Pete Townsend and others; Gigs: Royal Festival Hall –Pentangle, Midnight Court-King Crimson; Mothers of Invention;-Klooks Kleek -Gordon Smith, Jan Dukes de Gray, Howling Wolf + more Glastonbury; Magic Mushrooms; Frank Zappa - Review Uncle Meat by Miles; Ads for Pentangle at The Royal Festival Hall and for King Crimson with Savoy Brown, Junior's Eyes & Turnstile at Midnight Court at The Lyceum; Half-page ads for concerts: The Mothers of Invention; Keef Hartley; Interview with Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin); Ad for The Free, Groundhogs, Steppenwolf, John Fahey, Soft Machine and Steam Hammer at Umist Union Socials; Pink Fairies; Pop Protest; Half-page review Janis Joplin at the Royal Albert Hall; Ad for Keef Hartley, Spice, Lowell Fulsome, Ad for Mandrake, Paddle, Steamer, Groundhogs, Stray, Union Blues and Keef Hartley at Frax; Interview with Mike Absalom; Interview with Ian Anderson (Blues Band).


(“THE IT SENSORIUM: 2.5 years of Depravity and Corruption Anthologised; approaching Soon, smell some today..”) This would become the compilation book ‘Some of IT’

it57 May 23 – June 6 1969: The ‘lost’ issue... The front page has a box headed SABOTAGE – confirming that Photoprinters (Peterborough) Ltd. refused to print this issue at the last minute causing very limited circulation... ‘Whose side are you on?’ - LSE dispute; Enoch Powell – a rant; Jerry Cornelius: The English Assassin; interview with Pete Townsend on release of Tommy; Procul Harum, Fairport Convention; 'Tactics of De-conditioning - William Burroughs speaks', NCC; Trudy cartoon strip, The Living Theatre


it58 June 13 -28 1969: Latin America – military takeover; The Peoples Park, Berkeley, California; Alex Trochi – Watch That Gnome; The adventures of Jerry Cornelius, cartoon strip based on Michael Moorcock; Frank Zappa versus the Incredible Hulk (at the LSE where he mystified the audience by showing them his unfinished film 'Burnt Weeny Sandwich’ and got a hostile response..); centre page spread on Pete Townsend on Tommy, part two;; King Crimson interview; The £SD of Underground Rock; ‘Trudy’ – comic strip; Improve your Sex Life; ads for Oz, East of Eden, Strawbs, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and most interestingly, The Pop Proms advert at .Albert Hall

it59 July 4 - 17 1969: also tagged Insanity Times and features an extensive interview with R.D. Laing discussing modern psychiatry, Wilhelm Reich, meditation and the use of psychogenic drugs etc over two pages. Interview with Mick Jagger where he talks about Black Power, violence, Andrew Loog-Oldham etc; half- page ad - Fairport Convention; full page- Family plus The Space Music Of Sun Ra and His Space Arkestra article articles on Sun Ra and Michael Moorcock. Revolution: The Method of Revelation; Full page ad for Plastic Ono Band, "Give Peace a Chance"; Edward’s Music commix; Picture of dying James R. Rector with poem by Michael McClure at the People Park's riots in Berkeley; Dianetics; Poem by John Esam; Interview with Family; Sun Ra and his Space Arkestra; Ad for Blodwyn Pig and The Liverpool Scene at Farx; Ad for Third Ear Band, Quintessence, Gypsy, Pink Cheeks and Jeff Dexter at the Roundhouse; Ad for Cliff Charles, Colin Smith, Sam Apple Pie (Chicken Shack coming) at The Resurrection Club; William Burroughs (Nova Expert) hits town with 2 pictures; Announcement of free Rolling Stones concert in Hyde Park; Jerry Cornelius III, a comic by Mal Dean & Michael Moorcock; Poem by William Blake on the back cover. 28pp.


it60 July 18 - 31 1969: Moon IT: Moon Landing cover by Mike McInnerney; Brian Jones obituary; Tim Leary; Doors film “A Feast of Friends; Stones In Hyde Park: picture of Brian Jones with Shelley’s Elegy on the Death of John Keats.; Eric Mottram and his talk “This is simply an attempt to put together into a single field of mobile information sources which go to make up the possible model of the life within the cosmos on earth” ; a special on Free Radio, which discusses the state of play with pirate stations and the state’s control of the airwaves’; The Real John Mayall”; Jerry Cornelius graphic strip; half page Dandelion Records advert with a picture of the young John Peel with the heading “John Peel Is A Liar!” + “An incident which occurred over the IT anthology,,,”

Gigs: Roundhouse - Steamhammer, Blossom Toes, Quintessence ; Farx - Misunderstood, Groundhogs, Chicken Shack; Resurrection Club - Misunderstood, John Dummer ,Blossom Toes; Magic Village - Edgar Broughton, Deviants, Third Ear Band.

it61 Aug 1 - 14 1969: “All words and visuals in this issue are anonymous because all images belong not to the author alone but to the whole meta-cosmic community; what I kept I lost; what I had I spent; what I gave I kept...”...and more. The reader as UFO; ‘Morocco Trance: detonate memory trace’ Master Musicians/Hassan I Sabbah; Latin American scene; Cosmic Neutron Stars & Quasar Squadrons Signal Forth The Glorious; President of the United States: This is the way to go to Mars, Robot Brains Take Over; 1850 BC revisited; Some of IT advert ;Jerry Cornelius graphic novella; Plug and Socket music supplement: Quintessence; Pete Jenner letter re. free concerts; Jefferson Airplane : 2-page interview; Jethro Tull; Record Co.: Own Up!

it62 Aug 15 - 21 1969: Bowie Space Oddity ad and 2 page interview with Bowie, 2 page Dylan/Band article heralding Dylan’s UK visit; half page ad for Joni Mitchell / Neil Young; There is a report from the Hopi Pow Wow or Third North American Traditional Indian Colloquium; full page ad Isle of White festival: Bob Dylan/The Band/The Who/Moody Blues/Joe Cocker/Pretty Things/King Crimson/The Bonzo Dog Band; Eric Mottram writes of "New Time And Space Structures";


it63 Aug 29 - Sep 11 1969: Non-Space Issue;’You Can’t Even Say What It Is..’ - Interview with George Harrison; The Commune in St Ives; Frank Zappa interview; Neil Young by Greil Marcus; article; ad for Easy Rider; Third Ear Band - extended interview; Robert Fripp writes on the ‘underground’ feature; Lord Buckley; Bonzo Dog Band; The Nice- reviews.


it64 Sep 12 - 25 1969: ‘The Times cover’: Apple Hare Krishna ad; Implosion/Coon letters; Editorial - Are We? Are you? Is it? Directions for paper discussed. Graphic of IT girl in tears / Jerry Cornelius graphic strip by Michael Moorcock

it65 Sep26 - Oct 9 1969: Jerry Cornelius – Michael Moorcock &........; article on Skinheads entitled "Thanks For Nothing - Bother Boots" ;Talking about Black Art; Ray Gosling writes about Psychiatry and Consciousness; Special Report on Ulster; death of Ho Chi Minh regarded...

Also ‘Plug & Socket’ music issue 65 ( the main paper published separately): Dave Arbus letter on Robert Fripp; Caroline Coon & Implosion; extensive Graham Bond interview; 'Abbey Rd' Ad; ‘Bovver issue... : William R Strickland...

it66 Oct 10 - 23 1969: Plus INSERT -explaining take over and attempt at occupation of IT’s publisher Knullar- written by both the 'International Times Lot’ and ‘London Street Commune Lot’'; "Kill Wifey”- Jane Arden interview; “Love Is A Four Letter Word” - :excerpts from SCUM manifesto (Valerie Solanas); end to sexism; London Street Commune Ron Bailey; Squatting... Arts Labs; Chicago Six trial; alternative psychiatry, poems by Pete Brown, Julian Beck, Spike Hawkins, cartoons by Mal Dean, Violence in Britain; cartoon strip - Jerry Cornelius by Moorcock &....Mal Dean; "Pigs justice" written by Bobby Seale about the Chicago Conspiracy trial; Mott the Hoople interview; Arthur Brown.


International Free Press November 1st 1969: –‘A Cosmic Caper’. One Issue published 12pp
A page explaining the incident at Endell Street on October 13th entitled ‘The Underground Surfaces’; claims of support declared by ex-editors Bill Levy, Courtney Tulloch., Jack Henry Moore and Jim Haynes; Abbie Hoffman & Tuli Kupferberg (The Fugs): The Fist and The Flowers – a transcribed conversation; Magic in Morocco; Reports of a similar ‘split’ at the Berkeley Barb in California...


it67 Nov 6 - 20 1969: ”The Original and Only International Times....” Post-take over attempt issue - editorials.../ “To Be Attacked By The Enemy is Not A Bad Thing”; Launch of Middle Earth Records; John & Yoko Wedding Album full page ad...page of album reviews including Creedence Clearwater Revival, Love, Led Zeppelin, It's a Beautiful Day, Mighty Baby and Juicy Lucy; full page ads for Quintessence, Middle Earth Records, Traffic, John & Yoko Wedding Album. Half page ads for Doors and Love, and Terry Reid.

Words: “Editorial group...”

it68 Nov21 - Dec 4 1969: Interview with activist DC of The Black Panther Party; Marquis de Sade; report of biological/chemical weapons in relation to Vietnam War; People Not Psychiatry; Little Richard – ‘The Original Hippie’; Led Zeppelin; Biafra –A Blueprint by Emeka Ojukwu, General of the People’s Party; Great Grass Famine by Abbie Hoffman; round up of police actions against "the underground" entitled Pig-Sty Rumbles - names police and particular stations that were causing particular problems - including the newly formed Special Patrol Group; "When The Christening Had To Stop" - on compulsory sterilisation; YELL! - a page devoted to skinheads. 24pp

Edward Barker joins Graham Keen in Design....Joy Farren takes pivotal role.

it69 Dec 5 - 17 1969: ‘Diversion & Subversion’, IT Busted for Gay contact ads; the police raid on the IT offices earlier that year and conspiracy charges brought against the publishers and three directors. The raid concerned the 'males' ad column in the small ads page, which was dropped soon after the police raid. There is a separate front page item about a police raid on the Student Advisory Centre and also mentions that 'Student' publisher Richard Branson was charged under the Obscene Publications Act and the VD Act of 1889.Vienna – Aktionist Otto Muehl; lots from Manchester scenes; S E London squatters; Ten Years After; Atomic Rooster; Meher Baba ; Black Country Blues; Stackwaddy

Mick Farren returns to music section...


it70 Dec 18 - 1969: IT game; Black Panthers; “This issue is the last of the 1960's - the dream has already tarnished, the breadheads are in the building and it's all downhill from hereon - this issue contains:
The Adventures of Jerry Cornelius cartoon strip by; A full page poem by Michael Horovitz; An interview with Marty Feldman; An attack on Germaine Greer; music quotes from past Its; the introduction of a ‘fashion’ /clothes page with Angie Bowie modelling....’Yell’- the skinhead page; picture of Warhol superstar Candy Darling;



it71 Jan 14 - 28 1970: “Beautify Junkyards! Throw Something Lovely Away Today” ; feature; Music IT ten-page section; (great graphic -The Last Plastic Cries of a Decade); Live Peace - Lennon ad; Amon Duul, music communes and the Munich scene; The Fourth World; Pollution; Hemp; Brighton Combination feature - the rock scene, squatting, marina, university, alternative press; reviews of Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica (done in a certain style....), Kevin Ayres, Live at Bill Graham's Fillmore West, Joe Cocker, Mike Bloomfield, Fairport Convention, Plastic Ono Band, The Stones in Concert, Area Code 615, Bukka White, Keef Hartley, Humble Pie, Golden Earring, Bonzo Dogs, Humble Pie; full-page ads for Blood Sweat & Tears, Spirit, Johnny Winter; the scene in Munich; Dropout Mirror; Charvak; ads for Pink Floyd and Canned Heat; Reggae News, full-page cartoon strip by Michael Moorcock & Mal Dean 'The Cornelius Question - A Final Solution', Speakers Corner.

it72 Jan 28 1970: APSZX YIK TOQ DINJ RUPLHNK – Zappa; LESTER BANGS writes about the Stones gig at Altamont entitled "500 Mile Pilgrimage To A Hell's Angel Death Festival"; The opening of the IT trial for offences under the Obscene Publications Act; "Gypsies & Tinkers - 20th Century Tribal Warfare" - a prescient piece of writing about the oppression of travelling communities; "The Young Lords" article about a Puerto Rican gang and it's radical activities such as free food for kids... sit-ins; l feature on Black Arts; Daily Yells! - a page devoted to skinheads;

it73 Feb 12 - 26 1970: IT in court; extract from the 'IT Decency Trial' proceedings; the Roundhouse; Mick Farren on the Death of music post-Altamont; Spirit / Quintessence / Principal Edwards Magic Theatre; "New Dope Laws", Schools Action Union;

it74 Feb 27 - Mar 13 1970: Guest editor, Miles; Gilbert Shelton Furry Freak Brothers cover. Allen Ginsberg on the dangers of speed; William Burroughs on mind control; Chicago conspiracy trial; first Furry Freak Brothers strip; John Lennon / Yoko Ono interview by Peter Stansill; Alexander Trochi on Project Sigma; London as 24-hour City –Miles; "Pot - A Letter To Allen Ginsberg From Madison Avenue" plus Allen Ginsberg on the dangers of speed; "The Trocchi M.O.B (My Own Business)", "Do Gooders Suck" by Mick Farren; Arlo Guthrie in London; John Michell; "Verbiage On Garbage - Philosophy of Pollution" ; Review (not too positive) of Richard Neville's "Playpower"; Charlie Haden (Jazz); Arlo Guthrie interview and review Alice's restaurant; Formerly Fat Harry; Soul & Reggae; Ad for various concerts of Fotheringay; Ad for Implosion at The Roundhouse with Julie Driscoll & Friends, Gypsy, The Combined Forces Universal Network with The Paranoid State, Bronco, Sour Milk Sea, Doctor Stangely Strange, Chris Spedding Band and Formerly Fat Harry. 28pp

it75: Mar 14 - 26 1970: Priced in Francs, guilders and Deutschmarks for European distribution; “Time Travel and Mind Swap.” By John Hopkins; Rick Griffin cover; The University Business by Germaine Greer; John Hopkins on TV and Video usage; Black Dwarf becomes Red Dwarf; Blacks, Reds and Feds; Sartre arrested by French police; Paul Morrisey (Warhol) writes; Mick Farren – review of Mona; full page advert for Beatles’ Let It Be. Dolle Mine - Women's Lib. in The Netherlands; A conference of women in drag; Rumplestiltskin comic; Financial and other problems of the Implosion rock concerts at the Roundhouse; People's Park; Free Radio; Caravan (one page); Julie Driscoll; Cuban revolution; Ad for Fotheringay UK tour; Ad for The Third Ear Band, Kevin Ayers and Brinsley Schwarz.

“Are you dropped out underground? A rabid acid Marxist? Or a violently berserk revolutionary? In IT 77, Guest Editor Richard Neville will draw a map of the movement – a pompous attempt to analyze the often bizarre relationships (personal or ideological) within the Alternative. Send your views, definitions or propaganda pieces to IT now.”

it76 Mar 27 - Apr 8 1970: South Africa/ Winnie Mandela; Connie Mathews –Black Action; Fairport Convention; Black Panthers at Earl’s Court; Agent Orange article; Dope: new Legislation; Remember Sharpville? Zabreskie Point – dying for the cause? Brion Gysin – The Process; IT Bust Benefit in Manchester featuring John Cooper-Clarke (!); The Reality Makers – Situationists; Electron music: Moog, Walter Carlos & Wild Bull; Fotheringay; letter to BBC’s ‘Scene & Heard’ re. John Peel / Pete Drummond; ads for Atomic Rooster, Van der Graaf Generator, Stackwaddy, Geronomo Radio


it77 April 9 - 14 1970: “Where have all the hippies gone?” – Tuli Kupferberg poem; The Puzzled Body by Dr Caron Kent; Hackney Squats; Frank Zappa on Hippies; Genocide In Sudan; Pornography; ’Grass Eye’- Manchester – “so much more than a newspaper..”; the Australian Underground; Denmark – Pornographic Supermarket; St Ives Festival; Ray Gosling reviews ‘Counter Culture’; Sue Miles on Mandrax; Chicago 8 conspiracy; Fotheringay; Yes; Mothers of Invention by Miles; 1970 Pop Proms; Portsmouth reviewed.

it78 April 24 - May 7 1970: Civil War in Northern Ireland; news on the Kray twins; news from America including the Chicago conspiracy trial, Black Panthers being persecuted, The Weathermen and Women’s Liberation; Race riots; The Gnomes (post psychedelic Provo -type phenomena in Amsterdam (lots on this city which IT nominated the 'head' city of Europe); Australia; San Francisco, the early days of the eco movement; Touch & Taste Cinema; Real Time Television, songs of the Revolution, Living Theatre, reviews of Brinsley Schwartz; Spooky Tooth, Van Morrison, The Doors, The Stooges; Miles reviews Incredible String Band, interview with Elton John; Living Theatre Declaration; New Left Crib Sheet; Miles v Gary Snyder on eco-urbanism; Black Dwarf; Scenario for The Future – Yippie Land manifesto from Scenario of the Revolution by Jerry Rubin.

it79 May 8 - 21 1970: "Is There A Life Before Death?" Elvis 1957 Interview; Timothy Leary article: The Dealer Is the New Robin Hood; Essex Three conspiracy; LSE occupies?; Mikis Theodarikis' efforts to bring together opponents to the Greek junta; American Black cinema; Media Rape by Mick Farren; “Grope Notes Towards A Newspaper” –assessment of IT and underground papers as ‘outlaw’ press. ''The Hollywood Music Festival '70", at Leycett, nr. Newcastle- Under- Lyne, with: Grateful Dead, Family, Ginger Baker's Airforce, Black Sabbath...

it80 June 5 - 18 1970: "Vote Galactus for Law ‘n’ Order"; centre page Raoul Vaneigen’s ‘Tralte du Savoir Vivre’; Alternative Lifestyles In The USA; Phun City festival initial ads; Woodstock film; Are you man enough?; record ads for – Trees, Garden of Jane Delawney. – Groundhogs, Thank Christ for the Bomb – Joni Mitchell, Ladies of the Canyon – etc. full page ad for ‘Woodstock’- the movie; Fotheringay at Implosion.

it81 June 18 - July 3 1970: William Burroughs – answers criticisms of new book ‘The Jo’b by Julian Mitchell’s Guardian review; Tuli Kupferberg - letter from New York; Abbie Hoffman –Extract from Woodstock Nation; Holland –‘The Goblins have arrived’ 50,000 vote for De Kabouter Kommen party; A GTO is an average Hollywood child; Underground publishing in Manchester;

it82 July 3 - 16 1970: Crisis on Piccadilly; MC5 for Phun City; Bob Dylan – review of Self-Portrait by AJ Weberman; Hitching, travelling guide; Edgar Broughton Band; A page on Rochdale…

it83 July 17 - 30 1970: Nixon’s Plans To Declare 4th Reich...
The Evictions of Piccadilly Circus / Powell-ite Tory MP Capt Henry Kirby asks Parliament to instigate bans on Rock Festivals...The Zen of Rock Throwing; full page ad for Isle of Wight Festival; Gutter Press ; PHUN CITY is yours to make: advert and article by Mick Farren; Up Against the Wall Mutherfucker - The Left in Britain; "Drug Addiction is an Offence against Society..." - Drug Conference at Sheffield University

Editorial: Chrissie & Paul Lewis; Music: Steve Mann

it84 July 30 - Aug 13 1970: Amsterdam feature: Will Dwarfism Engulf the Planet? by Alex Gross + Interview with Guy Killan (Amsterdam Provo) by David Dieda; Daily Grind Supplement – Underground Chaos; Arbour Street Squat; Essex University; War On Welfare; Claimants Union; West London Solidarity; Roy Harper, Miles Davis reviewed.

it85 Aug 13 - 27 1970: ‘Nude Woman, London Pigs & Rebel Musician: Multiple L.S.D – Rape Suicide Bid’; (headline of the era..); John Sinclair; Phun City; Abbie Hoffman; Isle of Wight poster; Twink / Pink Fairies;


it86 Aug 27 – Sep 10 1970: ‘Mafia control Tamla Motown’; Playboy Magazine; Krumlin Festival, Yorkshire – Death & Disaster; Isle of White preparations; Rolling Stones leave Decca records; George Jackson trial; A round-up of currently ‘hot revolution’; “Has anyone reading this article met a woman bass player?; “The David Goodman Story - freak, equipment manager with the Deviants and Pink Fairies, one time dope dealer and supermarket manager - his story from school to Altamont…”

it87 Sep 10 - 24 1970: “Jagger's Sadist Movie Finally Released”: Performance' ; Amateur Cinema -The Real Underground; White Panther Party forms at Isle of Wight festival; IOW Festival report by Mick Farren;


it88 Sep 24 - Oct 8, 1970: Cover is a large photo of Hendrix with the caption "Jimi Hendrix, Born Seattle 1945, Died London 1970”; Timothy Leary's Jailbreak; Charles Manson; Stan Lee centrespread; Adverts for Rod Stewart, Jimmy Campbell, Caravan and Black Sabbath.

it89 8 - 22 Oct 1970: ‘Dope Runs Out’; IT and OZ trial reports; Hawkwind; White Panthers; Timothy Leary: Letter from hiding; Chapter War Splits Hells Angels; Grass Eye’s News; Janis Joplin by Mick Farren; Bombings Bring Pig Reprisals; John Sinclair: Message To The People of Woodstock Nation; ‘Rockbuster’ by CBS Records...Manson ‘they won’t even let me masturbate.” Krishna Lights; Incredible String Band at Royal Albert Hall; 21st Century Blacks; Class War commix; Murray Head; Rolling Stones; Review of Underground graphics.

“In today’s world, no-one is an innocent, no-one a neutral. A man is either with the oppressed or he is with the oppressors. He who takes no interest in politics gives his blessing to the prevailing order – that of the ruling classes and the exploiting forces.”

it90 Oct 22 - Nov 5 1970: Diversion & Subversion: Happy 4th birthday issue; Dope Crisis; Canada :Trudeau was last seen doing the reggae in a hippy club; The Guerrillas (picture of dead Che Guevara); Freak Brothers cartoon strip; Germaine Greer – The Female Eunuch reviewed; ‘Four years groping for a solution’ – a 4-page calendar of 4 years of underground activity 1966-70; Neil Young - After the Gold Rush back page ad.


it91 Nov 5 - 19 1970: 'Strange Days' magazine collapse and Ed. Mark Williams’ statement; Chad; Manson; Hippies - Jean Jacques Lebel ; Weberman on Dylan;


it92 Nov 19 - Dec 3 1970: New look for jailbird Manson; Hendrix piece; IT guilty of Public Decency; Yippies Invade David Frost Show -Frost show freak out initiated by Jerry Rubin; Oz trial development; Bob Dylan ‘New Morning’ review; White Panthers Party; Pete Jenner Interview; Gay Lib; Fat Freddy’s Cat;; White Panther attacks musical Hair; Orange Free State - Kabouters in Holland; Interview with Peter Jenner on the Edgar Broughton Band; Beautiful centerfold graphics and story; Gay liberation; It Funnies - Freak Brothers, Crumb etc. 24pp.


it93 Dec 3 - 17 1970: 'We Are All Outlaws'; LSE : Behind The Barricades; Sexual Politics – A Manifesto for Revolution; White Panthers Party; Reggae –the audience is growing; British Schools & Black children; Miss World Competition; All Things Must Pass ad –George Harrison ; Big Brother At the BBC –special IT report. Freak Brothers, Trashman, Cobb. 24pp

it94 Dec 17 - 31 1970: * First Angry Brigade communiqué; Spanish Embassy Machine-gunned; Plastic Ono Band ad; Rod Stewart ‘racist’ interview Q-"What do you think of the political situation in this country?" A-"I think Enoch (Powell) is the man. I'm all for him. This country is overcrowded. The immigants should be sent home. That's it"
White Panther/Youth International Party; Gangs In Battle for Kensington Market; Trials column! Industrial Relations Bill demonstration; Band of Niggers; Fabulous Freak Brothers / Edward Barker /Trashman cartoons; Edgar Cayce –The Sleeping Prophet



it95 Dec 31 1970 - Jan 14 1971: Drugs ‘n’ Sex! Mad Cop – Clean-up Liff plunders OZ Again..? The Bikers – 2-page extract from Hell’s Angels book; Up Against the Wall; Galactus; Bob Dylan – AJ Weberman’s Rubbish; Communications and Growth...

“IT is now in the process of moving offices. The licence to print IT has been withdrawn from Knullar Ltd. And transferred to Meep Comix Ltd which means the process of transferring the paper into the hands of the staff has finally been completed.....”

it96 Jan 28 – Feb 10 1971: Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps cover; ‘Mad Bombers Blow Minds’ Angry Brigade Communiqué # 2; Frank Zappa 2-page centrespread on ‘200 Motels by Miles’; Bob Dylan – ‘Tarantula’; Plastic Ono Band ad.; Hawkwind at the Paradiso; Fairport Convention; Ike & Tina Turner; Release suspend operations as the “Release Liberation Front” raid offices

it97 Feb 11 - 24 1971: Angry Brigade – Mad Bombers Blow Minds; Velvet Underground interview; Bob Dylan; In-depth Frank Zappa interview re. 200 Motels 14 Nov ’70; Robert Crumb; Tupamaros -National Liberation Movement of Uruguay; Pre-release preview of Dylan’s Tarantula novel two page centre spread.


Published by Meep Comiks Ltd. 11a Berwick Street, London W1

it98 Feb 25 - March 11 1971: Andy Warhol on Art; 3 pages/ interview ,pics etc; East Village Other’s Jo Stevens charged in London re. mailing Wet Dream Festival snaps..; America in the 50s - Rock ‘n’ Roll pics; full page picture of Tina Turner and feature on Ike and Tina Turner; 2 pages on King Arthur; full page pic of Elton John in foyer of theatre with background signage " Start The Revolution Without Me"; Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers full page comic strip; Fat Freddy’s Cat; Classwar Comix.; Record Reviews- Love "False Start", Grateful Dead "American Beauty", Paul Kantner, Van Morrison, Charlie Hadens Liberation Music Orchestra; ad for ‘OZ Police Ball’ at Middle Earth with Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come, Pink Fairies, Roy Harper, Gene Vincent.

Published by Bloom (Publications) Ltd. 11a Berwick Street, London W1

it99 March 11 - 25 1971: Psychedelic Genocide by Michael Aldrich; The Mystery of The Holy Grail; Charles Manson Interview ; Gene Vincent; Pink Fairies naked + This is a Rock Band? Ad; Velvet Underground 'Loaded‘ review; Groundhogs’ Split album; Andy Warhol at The Tate Gallery; Power To The People – Plastic Ono Band advert.

it100 25 March - 5 April 1971: Anniversary issue; Hendrix; Rolling Stones at The Roundhouse; Giant Pullout 100th Supplement: includes Buckminster Fuller; Bob Dylan; Eldridge Cleaver; Stephen Stills; Huey Newton; Angela Davis; Timothy Leary; Miles; Mick Farren; John Sinclair on ‘revolution in society’; record reviews - Jimi Hendrix "Cry Of Love", The Faces, Steeleye Span, Third World War..

“This is the hundredth issue of IT and has proved too great a temptation not to include some kind of editorial. IT was born just prior to the flower-power hippie explosion of 1967; followed the community through the desperate aftermath of speed, exploitation and protest marches........................”


it101 April 8 - 22 1971: “Celebrating The Decline of Traditional Values” Armed anarchist revolution on the agenda: Weathermen communiqué; Angry Brigade - Communique #7. 3 page special feature /interview on Terry Gilliam of Monty Python and his images depicted inside; "Rock and Roll is turning Our Kids into Degenerates" article; Kozmic Rites Revealed- the search for the Mystic Vision from Atlantis to the Age of Aquarius,; The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers full page comic strip; Manning comic strip; “The UNCENSORED telephone call between Bob Dylan and A.J. Weberman reproduced unlike the censored version that Rolling Stone paper printed..”; Record Reviews- Caravan, Crazy Horse, Stackwaddy, Keef Hartley Band, Hendrix, Second Hand on Mushroom Records - "Death May Be Your Santa Claus"; "Yes, There Are Flying Saucers Says Russia"; "Is Rock Turning Our Kids Into Degenerates?".;


it102 April 22 - May 6 1971: Rock & Dope Special / Felix Scorpio/de Mendelsohn (ex-IT ed) & Jo Stevens on arson charge / Mother Shipton / Grateful Dead interview / Incredible String Band review /Tom Hayden review; Centre page poster 1:Obscenity poster. Growing Dope; Record Reviews- J Geils Band, Bridget St John, Family, John Cale /Terry Riley, Elton John, Nirvana, Keith Tippett Group, Hooker n Heat, Incredible String Band and more; Film reviews - Roller Derby, Modern Times; Book reviews include - Andy Warhol, Conversation with Eldridge Cleaver

it103 May 6 - 20 1971: centre page poster2: ‘Super Free Cut-out Jesus Mask cover messiah mouthing the phrase "Go Phuque Thyself"; Black Panthers Split: Huey Newton & Eldridge Cleaver; Son of UFO advert; Pink Fairies; Massive drugs section; Jean Jaques Lebel on Rock Culture; Knights Templars; Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers; Sticky Fingers Review; Mott The Hoople

it104 May 19 - June 2 1971: Hippie Plot to Rule the World & Establishment Plot to Ruin it “Come Together Now’ Gay Brothers and Sisters Unite, Smash Sexism” centre page poster 3; Angry Brigade communiqué #8 page 5(see also Biba Bombing Ink #); Caroline Coon by David Bailey; ads for first ‘Alternative London’ and IT and Friends; present ‘UFO’s Revenge’; Allen Ginsberg reviews William ‘Speed’ by William Burroughs; Glastonbury 3 Atlantis 2.


it105 June 2 - 16 1971: INK spoof cover; Prescott / Purdie trial; centre page poster #4- Double page poster Summer Funtime - a biker drinking beer on his cycle ; "I ran away with a Motorcycle Mob" article; Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers; Fat Freddy’s Cat; Irish Folklore tales; Record Reviews- JIMI HENDRIX, Paladin, Dando Shaft, Beau, Little Richard by Mick Farren, Alice Cooper " Love it to Death", Captain Beefheart –“ Mirror Man", David Bowie "Man Who Sold The World", BB King.

it106 June 16 - 30 1971: Adolf Hitler – History of a Global Psychopath; Angry Brigade Communiqué 9; Robert Carr bombing: statements of Ian Purdie and Jake Prescott; Alice Cooper interview; What Dylan Does With His Money (AJ Weberman); Pink Fairies letter; IT erotic short story winners..; Summer Funtime poster #5 ‘Fuck’ (..is not obscene); The Magical Heritage in Wales


it107 July 1 - 15 1971: Major 3-page Dennis Hopper interview ; OZ trial poster; First Virgin Mail Order ads; Stop the Machine - Great IT graphic for Independence Day Festival of Life; Sex, Dope and Revolution;


it108 July 15 - 29 1971: (wrongly numbered 105): Jim Morrison RIP, cover; OZ Trial; Festival Reviews including Glastonbury Fayre by Mick Farren; Elastic OZ Band, 'God Save Oz' -Apple full page advert; Richard Nixon;

it109 July 29 - Aug 12 1971: Gimme Shelter: Dance of Death...or How The Rolling Stones came to play the Hells Angels; ad for Apple 36 ‘God Save Oz – Plastic OZ Band'; Release; Nasty Tales goes to Director of Public Prosecutions; Weeley Festival; Guerrilla War in the USA; Trees In August; Spending A Day In Bed; White Panthers UK; Transcript of discussion between advisory agencies BIT, Release and Advise; Leaves of Grass;

it110 Aug 12 1971: OZ trial riots; John & Yoko interview re. Grapefruit (3.5pp), plus on back cover Yoko Ono Grapefruit Game; 24pp.

it111 Aug 26 - Sep 9 1971: Angry Politics "Photos of The Support Oz Magazine Demo with John Lennon"; "Missions of The Apocalypse-Altamont/Dylan/Hendrix"; William Blake and the Druids; reviews of The Doors, Mothers of Invention, Byrds; ad for God Save Oz


it112 Sep 9 - 23 1971: OZ trial / A Letter From Pete Townsend; Get Off My Cloud; I Quit By Abbie Hoffman . How To Subvert Your Skool; Weeley Festival Report; Apple Records: Full Page OZ Advert; The Chymical Wedding Of Christian Rosenkreutz; George Jackson; The Adventures Of Sgt. Smack; The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers; Readers Letters


it113 Sep 23 - Oct 7 1971: “How God and J.Edgar Hoover plan to sick the hippies..” R. Buckminster Fuller; The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz; Furry Freak Brothers; God supplement: National Festival of Light; Record reviews of Jefferson Airplane ( by Mick Farren), MC5 "High Time", Fanny, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Howli Wolf, Fleetwood Mac; Books reviewed- The Beano Book 1972, Cult of Devil Worship


it114 Oct 7 - 21 1971: Fifth Birthday issue: MC5 – Back On Shakin’ Street by Dave Marsh; Festival of Life V Festival of Light report; Divine Light Mission: Guru Maharaj; Apology from John Sinclair; Chymical Wedding pt 2; Bo Bo Bolinski by Robert Crumb; Rock at The Oval

it115 Oct 21 - Nov 7 1971: Imagine advert; Allen Ginsberg on ‘the new Dylan’; The Opium Trail of South East Asia; Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz pt3; Letter from a Venice Sister; From Frank Zappa: “To all Warner / Reprise avant-garde executives who might have something to do with the merchandizing of Mothers of Invention product.” Plus interview with Zappa; Mick Farren arrested twice-pic; letter from the British Order of Druids; review of AC/DC by Heathcote Williams** Pictures from Bangla Desh concert;

it116 Nov 4 - 18 1971: Buckminster Fuller; Alice Cooper full page; The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz (The Seventh Day); Yoko album ad; review of Electric Warrior by T-Rex; Suburban Press advert.

it117 Nov 18 - 2 Dec 1971: Hell’s Angels interview; Self Defence tips; 2 pages of Hawkwind Galactic Tarot cards; vivid page hitch hike illustration... Funny Naziz cartoon; Freak Brothers; Huge double-page poster drawing illustrating the future perils of ocean pollution and the Greenhouse effect...15p

it118 Dec 2 - 16 1971: Letter to the Green Berets from the IRA; Jake Prescott & Ian Purdie trial and associated arrests; Yorkshire’s underground paper Styng busted; Friends magazine declared obscene; demonstration at a Playboy exhibition at the Royal College of Art with The Living Theatre; ‘Wanna Have A Free Rock Festival?’ advert; Interview re. Northern Ireland with Ronan O’ Rahilly; Scotland pre-history; benefit for the Irish people at the Roundhouse with Roy Harper and Brinsley Schwartz; excerpts from Whole Earth Catalogue; Fanny at the Rainbow

it119 Dec 16 - 30 1971: ‘Busted Again; Plenty Jolly Crimble’ issue; Nasty Tales; Rolling Stone Magazine occupation; Angry Brigade communiqué #?; 200 Motels; Alice Cooper; Halloween In Denver; Paranoia-the board game; Richard Brautigan short story; S Clay Wilson strip; Fanny; Furry Freak Brothers



it120 30 Dec 1971 - 13 Jan 1972: Psychedelic Fascism –Manson; Dylan, Bowie-reviews; 1971 reviews: Why..? large pull-out calendar

it121 Jan 13 - 27 1972: Glasgow; Psychiatry; Lenny Bruce –A Day In The Life Of; Dead Sea Valley; Midnight Raiders;

it122 Jan 27 - 10 Feb 1972: Stoke Newington 8 – Angry Brigade Trial; Rastafarian Cry; Ireland for the Irish; Lenny Bruce –A Day in the Life Of 2; Yoko Ono full- page ad; Suburban Press ad (Jamie Reid)


it123 Feb 10 1972: Thor Lives. IRA; Roller Derby; “Why Bother Ask The Oblivion Kid” by Mick Farren; Women in Prison; Marvel Comics Star- "The Mighty Thor" by Joy Farren; War in Ulster, Roller Derby feature by Wayne Robbins of Creem magazine; Record Reviews- Captain Beefheart Spotlight Kid", Lonnie Mack, Swampwater, Sly and The Family Stone, Judy Collins. Film reviews- Macbeth, Under Milk Wood, A Clockwork Orange, The Boyfriend, Punishment Park. Books include Bob Dylan; "Greasy Truckers grand opening party at the Roundhouse with Hawkwind, Man, Brinsley Schwarz etc

it124 Feb 24 - March 9 1972: ‘The Last Issue’ – “There are now four radical tabloid newspapers fighting for your custom....We’ve decided to make a change. To move away from the tabloid format and start life again as a magazine...IT has always attempted to represent the central body of alternative opinion and interests. The radical politics of that alternative are dealt with adequately elsewhereand although we shall continue to look at the political side of our society. IT will be focussing mainly on its general culture...;

'Give Ireland Back To The Irish' – McCartney and Wings; Baader-Meinhof; Nasty Tales obscenity trial with a picture of the nasty four; Home Secretary in US real-estate fraud; The Best... of Flower Power; Lanchester Arts Festival; Gay Power, The Legend Of Robin Hood by Joy Farren; A J Weberman says ‘sorry’ to Dylan; Ads for MC5 and The Pink Fairies at The Seymour Hall in London. Rock Liberation by Mick Farren; Record Reviews- Ry Cooder, Jerry Garcia, Nilsson. Film reviews - Roller Derby, Modern Times; Book reviews include "Moonchild" by Aleister Crowley, "The Alley God" by Philip Jose Farmer.

A4 magazine format:
(Edward Barker’s ‘animal series’ 125-130)

it125 March 9 1972 (15p): The Bob Dylan Story, first of 2 parts; Lesbian culture; Lesley Bacon – one of the FBI’s most wanted women; survival scrapbook; cartoonists Crumb, Ed Sanders, Spiegelman , Gilbert Shelton share dialogue; Pyramids of Egypt; ‘Nobody Fucks Mah 12 year Old Daughter’ by Ed Sanders.

it126 March 24 1972: John Hurford (OZ) Cover Artwork (one of two versions, one blue/green; one red/orange and yellow); Bob Dylan ' How Does It Feel ?’- Part 2 Of The IT Dylan Biography; Home Secretary Maudling In US Real Estate Fraud ; Fabulous Freak Brothers; Rock Liberation ( It Ain't Just Money ) By Mick Farren; Ecology ' Death Of An Ocean' (The Irish Sea Is Dying); . Vampires ( Walk Among Us ) In Myth And Legend By Joy Farren; The Pyramids.


it127 April 6 1972: A4 newsprint: The Family: Charles Manson & the Hollywood Death Cult: Ed Sanders interviewed; “Luck Of the Irish – Letter from Lennon & Ono; Mark Lane: Assassination USA; Fear & Loathing In Afghanistan; illustration "Trippin' Crows by Count Shrimp; Illustration from Legions of Charlies (Manson) by Veitch and Irons; Bickershaw Festival organizer Jerry Beadle has strict rules; Students killed in Afganistan; Revolution; and the White Panther Party; Assasinations in the USA (Kennedy, Malcolm X, Robert Kenndy Martin Luther King). 52pp.

it128: April 20 1972: A4 gloss: Grateful Dead in London by Mick Farren; Manchester’s Women’s Liberation Conference; IRAland pictures; Up China with Nixon by ‘hippy’ reporter P J O’Rourke; Crucifixion by Joy Farren; NIxon and China; Women's Lib.; Freak Brothers by Gilbert Shelton; Full-page ad for concert and records by Ekseption; Great comic ad for Nasty Ball (Nasty Tales benefit) with Nectar, Ray Russell, Running Man magazine, Skin Alley, Help Yourself, Slowbone, Bishop's Big Boppers, Steve Perergrine Took. 52 pp.


it129 May 4 1972: SPECIAL ILLITERATE DOPEFIEND SUPPLEMENT; KANDY KOLORED MASSAGE- Talking to Tom Wolfe & Marshall Mcluhan’; TIRA; Indian war; “Fritz The Cat In The UK”; ”Sweet Bird of Revolution – is there a problem of creeping Puritanism in the liberation movement?” Alienation In London Schools - DON'T START ME TALKIN' - Karl Dallas; ERGBUG - By new English comix artist Dave Gibbons; Review of Nasty Ball (Nasty Tales benefit); Ad for Roger Ruskin, Spear, Thunderclap Newman and Kerosene at University of Sussex; Ad for White Panther Party concert with Pink Fairies, Out of Darkness, S.A.D. and Spreadeagle. 52 pp.

it130 May 18 1972: Marc Bolan Front Cover: Who Needs Him ?; Vietnam By John Conquest; Pop Stars - “ Will They Survive The Seventies?”; J.Edgar Hoover Obituary - “At Last ! He Snuffs It “ ; A.J.Weberman Beats Up Phil Spector; Abortion; Roddy Kentish Jailed For Being Black; Gangsters, ' Shot Like A Bandit By The Cops ' Joy Farren; Mud Slide Slim; Bickershaw Festival Report, including pictures / words on Grateful Dead; Captain Beefheart ; New Riders; Dr.John ; Dream Machine; Bunnie - Wunnies By Edward.

IT is published fortnightly by Bloom (publications) Ltd: 65a Chalk Farm Road, London NW1. Produced by Roger Hutchinson, Jonathon Green, Joy Farren, Edward Barker, Caroline Mackenna; Michael J; John Carding; Brenda; Chris Rowley; Ges Cox, Capt. Snaps (Jo Stevens), Dave (Boss) Goodman

it131 June 1 1972: Schoolkids IT? Ironically published from OZ office with features on Schools Action Union; Bob Dylan & The Band incognito in English pub; George Wallace tribute: Manchurian candidate; Orkneys; Festivals: Turdpower in the Quagmire; Miss Underworld;


it132 June 19 1972( A4 newsprint): Lick Dick In ’72; Angela for President: Angela Davis and Freedom Party; Red Army Faction; Stoke Newington 8; Mick Farren On The Stones; Neville; Charles Shaar Murray reviews music; first ad for Ziggy Stardust; Richard Neville reviews ‘Stanley Baker’s Barbed Wire Circus’ – Bardney Festival; Abbie Hoffman;

Published from 11b Wardour Mews, London W1A 4PF

it133 July 6 1972: USA photo feature – Victims of Americanisation; Stoke Newington Trial; Howard Hughes & Curing Cancer; Alice Cooper; Teen Special, Getting Laid; Sha Na Na interview; Tony Redunzo; Robert Crumb - 3 pages of Mr Natural;

Reverts to A3 folded:

it134 July 27 - Aug 10 1972: ”King Mob Echo” How to be a Gangster; Mr Natura by Robert Crumb; Video Soma Feedback; The Indo-China Medicine Show; How Elvis Spawned the Angry Brigade? Light Yourself A Candle – Review of Watch Out Kids by Farren & Barker - Jonathan Green* ‘Lou Reed’ reviewed. And Hawkwind’s Silver Machine...

The IT book of Drugs published (Bloom; 20p)


it135: Aug 10 - 25 1972: Belfast; Richard Nixon’s Promised Land; Robert Crumb – Self Portrait / interview ; Cocaine: Numbing The Brain of History; Underground Press Review; Baader-Meinhof Campaign; International Carnival of Experimental Sound at London’s Roundhouse; Food recipes- Spam Fritters ; ad for Hawkwind and Man at The Rainbow, Pink Fairies on Revelation Records’ Glastonbury Fayre LP; Cheech and Chong; Johnny Otis Show live review at 100 Club.


it136 Aug 25 - Sep 8 1972: Vietnam G.I. Mutiny by Richard Boyle / Mick Farren: Rock Sex & Dopicide/ Police Power & Blacks; Stoke Newington 8;Mr Natural strip; Reading Festival by Richard Neville

it137 Sep 9 - 23 1972: Eldridge Cleaver; Black Panthers; Mafia and the American Dream; Lennon & Ono; Windsor Free Festival

it138 Sep 18 - Oct 2 1972: Angela Davis trial report; Pulp Literature; Mr Natural; Star Trek; Let It Rock magazine emerges; Janis Joplin by Mick Farren; Jonathan Green on pulp literature; Mr. Natural by Robert Crumb; Vietnam; Day of the Whale free concert; The hot line to Yoko Ono; Star Trek; Ad for Release benefit with Quintessence, Quiver, Global Village Trucking Company, Lol Coxhill, Bishop's Big Boppers, Smith, Perkins & Smith, Bitch, The White Panther Street Band, Bridget St. John, Pisces, Sullivan, Tir Na Nog; Janis Joplin by Mick Farren with drawing by Roger Hughes; Ad for Brinsley Schwarz and Man at various places. 24 pp

it139 Oct 4 - 18 1972: 6th Birthday issue; Special Filth Supplement (‘Would you bust us on our Birthday?) Paul Krassner (The Realist); Bill Levy - Virgin Sperm Dancer; Pornocratic Oaf – Jonathan Green; Alan Coren; Chicago Blues; Mike Rowe; Mo The Roller story by Mick Farren,; Chicago Blues feature; Frank Zappa at The Oval Cricket Ground review; Record Reviews - Brinsley Schwartz, Yes. Films - Dr Phibes Rides Again, The Harder They Come.

Editor/Design: Roger Hutchinson; News Editor: Andrew Cockburn’ Typsetting/Production: Caroline MacKechnie; Music: Chris Rowley; Films:Gordian Troeller; Books: Joy Farren; Contributing Editors: New York -Jonathan Green /Nick Landau; Nasty Tales - Mick Farren & Edward Barker; Ads/Business Chris Rowley

it140 Oct 18 - Nov 1 1972: “Hitler Cleared”; The Man Who (Almost) Shot JFK; George Lennox; Fascism in Britain; The Largactilites by Edward Barker; ad for Lennon’s Sometime In New York City; Lennon/Zappa reviews...

it141 Nov 2 – 16 1972: Stones: ‘We can piss anywhere’ Rolling Stones picture feature; Vietnam: Who’s got Bloody Hands? Nixon Tells All; Elephants Memory; The Monday Club by Andrew Cockburn; Lennon-Ono: Deporting the Great Swan;


it142 Nov 17 - Dec 1 1972: Vietnam Vets report; How Not to build that electronic device- Uncle Sam and the Airwave Police; Women and Rock; Ringo Levio by Emmett Grogan reviewed; Roger Hutchinson;

A3 unfolded “IT: formerly 'International Times' ”

it143 Dec 2 - 16 1972: Royal Family In Bed; Dope and the Multinationals; Pink Fairies; Nixon – Jerry Rubin & The Yippie Party Line;



IT is published by Cardinellar Ltd. 11b Wardour Mews, London W1

Editor: Roger Hutchinson; News Editor / Design: Christopher Miles; Music: Chris Rowley; Film: David Jenkins; Books: John Carding; TV: Gordian Troeller ;Food: Dave ‘the boss’ Goodman; Associate Editors: Duncan Campbell /Jonathon Green /Maybelle / Richard Trench / Miles / John May / Angelo Quatrocchi / Mick Farren / Peter Kennard / Penny Reel / Dick Fontaine...

it144 Dec 14 - Jan 10 1973: Nasty Tales Trial cover; Angry Brigade trial; Thalidomide poster: ‘Make Distillers Pay’; JFK: Speed freak?; German Elections - a Willy Brandt new era; Ireland; Kim Fowley


it145 Jan 11 - 25 1973: Ex-Digger Emmett Grogan; Oz Trial musical in NYC; Fritz The Cat- 2 pages; ’Monotony Maker’ a parody of Melody Maker,’; Mick Farren revisits The Okay Corral


it146 Jan – Feb 1973: Mao cover; Letter from Mao by Richard Trench; Howard Hughes –The Sordid Truth; Fritz the Cat- 2 pages; Clockwork Orange –original film advert; Velikorski; John Hopkins on Video; Steeleye Span; Bessie Smith by George Melley; 6 years of IT – contents list.

News Ed: Andrew Cockburn

it147 Feb 9 - 23 1973: The Nasty Tales Trial- A Fable of Vice and Virtue by Roger Hutchinson: 2-pages of transcriptions and assessment; Bloody Sunday in Ireland -12 months on; MI6 and Smack; Poulson; The Instant Immortality Racket (Gurus etc.) by Miles; Full page ad for uncut version of Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange; Alice Cooper groupie party; Capt. Beefheart’s Clear Spot; Andy Warhol’s Trash; Edward’s ‘Largactlites’ strip; Cyril Smith MP.


it148 Feb 23 1973: Ginsberg: The Old Fairy Speaks –a 4-page interview from Cherry Valley by Allen Young; Mob Politics in Ireland; Yoko Ono; Fag Rock/New York Dolls by Miles; full page ad for Yoko Ono’s Approximately Infinite Universe album; Alternative Press in New York – Miles; review of ‘Nuggets’ 1965-8; IT mail order...


it149 March 8 - 22 1973: Andy Warhol - David Bailey's banned TV Doc; A limb fitters view of Vietnam – interview; Jim Morrison / Pornography; German Rock, interview with Rolf Ulrich Kaiser; Firesign Theatre; Jackie Onassis; 2 letters from Mick Kidd (pre-Biff); Ireland; Briant Colour Printing – workers control march; ad for film ‘Superfly’; review of Two Lane Black Top with James Taylor (“Two Reel Jerkoff”); TV4: 5 proposals are mooted by IT…

it150 March 22 – April 5 1973: “Roman Polanski’s Prick In Pure Gold”; ‘Last Tango’ –The Unbuttered Facts; Pirate Radio; Paris report; Denmark; New York column –Miles; The Speakeasy; ad for Warhol’s ‘Heat’; Review of Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd; Million Dollar Babies – Alice Cooper; Pigpen from Grateful Dead – an obituary.

it151 April 5th - 19th 1973: Timothy Leary –Acid In the Dock; Ginsberg–Full Circle + "Tear Gas Rag" poem; Jailhouse Roll; Enoch Powell’s backers; Belfast; Phillip Marlowe by Jonathan Green; Underground Comix – The Ugly Truth by Bill Griffith; Review of Warhol & Paul Morrisey’s Heat movie; Hugh Hopper; Chapter and White Trash magazine ads; Nasty Tales ad


it152 Apr 20 - May 4 1973: Guest editor: John Wilcock – “the underground press is his footsteps in the sand”
The ‘America is alive and well’ supplement;- 15 Rounds with Mohammed Ali by Victor Bockris / Wylie; Other Scenes –John Wilcock…Ben Vautier –Invisible artist; Paul Krassner (The Realist) column; Conrad Hilton; Diary of a Traveling Feminist by Claudia Dreifus;’ Limeys Eat Shit’ by Nick Tosches and R. Meltzer; The Great American Movie – Renfreu Neff; John Wilcock at Warhol’s Factory; American Television – Tony Palmer; Stockhausen Undressed; Billie Holiday by George Melley; Boswell’s ‘Life of Johnson’ seized by Leeds Police; Torture in Northern Ireland

it153 May 4 - 17 1973: Inside The Kilburn Pagan Ritual Den….Divine Light Investigated –Don Atyeo; Scenes In the Life of the American Dollar; Interview with Eugene Schoenfield, ‘Dr Hippocrates’; Yoko Ono – ‘Death of Samantha’ –Apple 47; review of the film Themroc.

it154 May 17 - 31 1973: Watergate Made Easy - overview compiled by Jonathan Green and Jerome Burne; Scientology –An Expensive Voyage; Lindsay Anderson interview, A Clockwork Candide; Euro-Squatting; Street Drugs survey; Edie Sedgwick, Ciao! Manhattan premiere; full-page ad for Hawkind at the Empire Pool, Wembley ; Ad for Pink Fairies, Fruup and Raw Sienna at Thames Polytechnic; Ad for a Hot Summer Community benefit with Quiver, Sutherland Bros, Uncle Dog and General Will. 24pp.

it155 May 31 - June 14 1973: Letter from John Lennon; ‘The Best Article on Reggae..’; ‘Hepatitis and Other stories’ – Scenes from a hippie travelogue; OZ – RIP: ‘Much more than another hippie rag’; Lord Lampton; New York; Jamaica

it156 June 14 - 29 1973: Hendrix - the films + Ciao Manhattan discussion; Wounded Knee: How the Ogala Sioux Hit Back and Richard Wilson lost his post; Squatting: Robert Crumb – My First LSD trip; strange letters page; Hamburger Culture – Don Atyeo; original CBS ad for Stooges Raw Power; Pink Fairies cartoon by Edward Barker; A.S. Neill; Doris Lessing


it157 1973: ’Watergate: Birth of a Language’; Bob Dylan – new album reviewed; ‘Other Scenes’ pull out; The Trials of Michael X by Kate Millett; Vietnam Vets in Belfast; Watergate; Grace Slick and Paul Kantner; Iggy and the Stooges; London Buskers; Levi Strauss; Knaresborough and Haworth

it158 July 12 - 26 1973: Richard Alpert and Baba Ram Dass – by Miles; Manitas de Platta; Festivals – Are the Giants Dead? Miles in New York; Buxton Pop Festival; Great Westwern Express at White City; The Broken Images in Rock And Roll Wasteland; Jethro Tull at Wembley

Roger Hutchinson & Andrew Cockburn absent... Editor: Don Ateyo 15p 24pp

it159 July 27 –Aug 10 1973: The Kabul Coup and the Sha’s skag; British troops seek Swedish asylum; Atlantis search – Nutters gather; Westway theatre, Portobello, London; Release statement re. formation of Central Drugs Intelligence Unit; Meet Anna Banana from Canadada; Sly Stone; Street London; Travellers; Trentishoe Fair; ad for Glastonbury Fayre film; Dope Fiends...

it160 Aug 11 - 25 197: Bruce Lee; IRA / Stormont; IT talks to Ireland Deserter; Motorpsycho Nitemare – Mark Williams on Biker culture; Ibiza –The Last Resort; Queen – The first album; Van Morrison; Van Morrison "Hard Nose Highway" The Mahavishnu Orchestra...Fat Freddy’s Cat, Comets, Cricket ( Duncan Campbell at the Oval), Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers by Gilbert Shelton; Glastonbury Fayre. – The Movie; Windsor Free Festival

it161 Aug 26 - Sep 9 1973: Peter Kennard collage cover; Truth about the YI.P/ Yippies by A.J.Weberman; Did Nixon Spike Muskie?; Janis Joplin; Gilbert Shelton cartoons; Charles Manson; Private armies; Mick Farren; Commander Cody


it162 Sep 6 – 20 1973: ‘Stones Special’; New York, New Drug Laws; Windsor Free festival report; Laos; Why Is Richard Nixon So Tastless In His Choice of Friends?; Art of John Coltrane, Charlie Mingus; Roland Kirk reviews – Ges Cox; ‘Performance’ reviewed again... Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival; report; Jerry Lee Lewis

it163 Sep 21 - Oct 5 1973: D. C. Thomson Comics; Jerry Rubin – now; Bob Dylan by Mick Farren; Stones at Wembley; Frank Zappa ; Cheech & Chong; Kosher Conflict

it164 Oct 5 - 19 1973: Rolling Stones: Would Mick Jagger Go Down On A Terminal Leper? A 'Stones Q and A’ piece; Kelaher Conspiracy Trial; Furry Freak Brothers

Issue 164 concludes Volume 1 of IT...there was no production for six months until erstwhile editor Roger Hutchinson received an invitation to visit Apple Records, where he was invited to receive a cheque for £1000 at the instigation of John Lennon – a long subscriber to IT who had noticed the absence of issues in late 1973... This money formed the basis for an ambitious re-launch; publishing monthly with strongly combined resources from other extinct alternative titles.



The first reincarnation: “International Times” returns to masthead; published by Newspeak (Publishing) Ltd.
286 Portobello Rd. London W10. Editor: Roger Hutchinson; Design Edward J. Barker.

it May/June 1974 - Vol 2 No 1: First reincarnation of IT… William Burroughs’: Exterminator! reviewed by Miles; Corrupt Nannies; Motor City Detroit by Mick Farren; Wilhelm Reich; Fat Freddie's Cat, by Gilbert Shelton; Bruce Lee; Full-page comic ad for album and concert by Fruupp's Midsummer Dream; Ad for The Friends of the Earth Festival with Pete Atkin & Riff Raff, Iskra 1904, Wes McGee, Half Human Band, Clear Peace, Guff, Isadora, Magill, Mother Sun, Chilli Willy & The Red Hot Peppers, A Band Called O, Laughing Sam's Dice, National Flag, Ice Cream, Nemesis,Goun. -40 pp

it July 1974 - Vol 2 No 2: Frank Zappa; Dylan’s touring habits; “I was a hit man for the government”; Young Mr. Nixon; Hip Capitalism -Tour Operators; The Frail Sisterhood - The prostitution business; Salvador Dali on sex; Bedouins; Ad for concert at the Olympia National Hall with Buffy Sainte-Marie, Fairport Convention, Roy Harper, John Martyn, Keith Christmas, Stomu Yamashta's East Wind, Kevin Ayers, Isotope, Can, Camel, Zzebra, Chris Stainton's Band Tundra; Ad for "The end of OZ"-The last issue; The politics of piss-taking; The Zionist Threat and other irritations. -40 pp

it Aug 19 1974 - Vol 2 No 3: The Junking of Dr John; The Electric Tit; Dali on Money; Mind Over Matter –‘A few more are flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’;


Maya issues 1-4;
Published by Maya Design & Print, 26 Grafton Road, London NW5



it Vol 3 No 1 / Maya 5; June 1975: ”it’s back: In 10 years of the battle for an alternative society many standards lie amongst the carnage – Gandalf’ Garden, UFO, Frendz, Implosions, Middle Earth, Arts Lab, White Panther Party, Ceres, Apple, Biba’s, Lord Kitchener’s valet. When Time Out rang the other day to ask why we were bringing out IT Steve said: ‘We found this banner lying on the battlefield. Nobody else was carrying it and waving it about. The last IT appeared in August 1974. Maya - Free Nation News appeared in September 1974 and has, since then, been the only national underground paper. After much consultation it was decided that IT- the first and undoubtedly the greatest British alternative paper - should not be allowed to die. Maya has gladly given IT pride of place on our masthead. In future issues the Maya content of the paper will decrease. It is our intention that IT shall be a sheet paper. We are not interested in an intellectual wank for Hampstead.”

Amsterdam; Baader-Meinhoff: Solidat mit der R.A.F! Prince of Wales Crescent squatting; Self-sufficient rural commune –the need for radical communities to bring about a fusion of urban and rural bases; Radio Concord; Ethics – by R. Buckminster Fuller; Maya by Mike Lesser; Peoples Free Festival, Brighton. Windsor Free Festival – Ubi Dwer jailed; an interview with Nick Turner (Hawkwind); David Solomon / George Andrews – Coca in Cola / Drugs and Magic; ancient Ginseng – Lee Harris; a muse/poem on Magic Mushrooms by Heathcote Williams; The absurdity of Marxism; Leaving the 20th Century – the incomplete work of the Situationist International, ed: Christopher Gray.


it Vol 3 No 2 / Maya 6; July 1975: (also numbered IT 169): Publisher Sid Rawle jailed re. comments on Windsor Free Festival; Murdered: Michael Abdul Malik (Michael X ) Obituary from John Michell. Tributes:
“Whatever the facts and so much more has been twisted and so much remains obscure. We know him to be a man far more complex – Marion Boyars, William Burroughs, John Calder, Eric Clapton, Leonard Cohen, Tom Driberg, Marianne Faithfull, Jim Haynes, Kit Lambert, John Lennon, Bill Levy, John Michell, Yoko Ono, Alice Ormsby Gore, Cedric Price, Dan Richter, Nigel Samuel, Felix Topolski, Alex Trochi, Jamie Wadhawan. We the undersigned, some of whom are on quite intimate terms with him, are at one in the deep revulsion we feel when we contemplate the impending execution of Michael X.” Telegram sent to Eric Wiliams, Prime Minister, Trinidad. Copy sent to Roy Jenkins, Home Secretary, H. M. Government. Neither acknowledged.”
Ruff, Tuff, Creem Puff Estate Agency – squat lists; ‘Catastrophes’ – poems by Sinclair Beiles; Free Festivals supplement; 8-page communications supplement (Build your own Radio Station...computers; Stonehenge report; English Fairs; Jim Haynes (I T co- founder) reports from Cannes film festival.


it Vol 3 No 3 Sep 1975: Watchfield Festival – 4th People’s Free Festival; Free supplement: Land for The People: A Manifesto - 8pp devoted to Land Use; Agriculture; reprint of the first Digger Manifesto and its potential for current alternative values and lifestyle;


it Vol 3 No 4 Nov 1975: Communications 8pp supplement; Stan Lee at Roundhouse; Heathcote Williams on Bill Levy’s ‘Certain Radio Speeches of Ezra Pound; Is Gay going Grey? The Great Peace Conspiracy; Urban Farming; Wally Hope (Phil Russell) – founder of Stonehenge Festival -Tribute to an unarmed soldier 3/9/75; review of Altman’s Nashville.
Alternative England & Wales ‘ First Supplement’



A slim and tentative re-launch of IT - ten years after it was first published. These first issues of '76 are later self-referenced in a later editorial as "...revived, embarrasingly, as some faked-up museum throwback."
Published by Azemoff Bakeries; Editors: Reva Brown / Murray Allan / Simon Stable


it 1976; # 1: “Meanwhile ten years later" Nostalgia: Quotes from OZ; John Somerville's chess pieces; Space travel; Brazil; Interview with Pye Hastings of Caravan; Teddy Boys picnic; Rizla: A new Image; Sex & Learning; a rather long Simon Stable piece - 16pp. 25p

it 1976; # 2: British Steel Industry – Corby; Disability; Rabies by Heathcote Williams; 17 facts about Air & Water; Meditations on a Crowbar – squatting by Mike Lesser; Winston Groovy; Alvin Lee interview;

Published by Myriad House, 37 Bell Lane, Hendon, London. Editorial: Annabel O

it 1976; # 3: Arabella Melville (editor ‘Libertine’): A Sexual Liberation Manifesto; The Other Cinema; Gentle Ghost biz; Climax Blues Band; review of Knebworth Festival.

*IT published by Myriad House, No3, 1c Chepstow Villas, London W11. Editorial: Charles Boot, Annabelle 0, Henry Oliphant; Murray Allan – Graphics; Simon Stable, Botany Ben – Music

it 1976; # 4: ‘Heroin Horror’; Triads In Amsterdam; Czech Mates- The full story & manifesto of The Plastic People of the Universe; Arabella Melville & Colin Johnson – Sex magazine Libertine; Interview with Stiff Records founder Dave Robinson; Release Graphics by It artist John Meaker; Sniffing Glue; Kursaal Flyers; The first emergence of Biff comic strip. Biff drawn by Chris Garratt and written by Mick Kidd began in IT to later become a regular feature of The Guardian, their work a vividly jargonistic, sociology-speak bathos; typifying the alternative hipness of the 60’s & 70’s - while puncturing the superimposed pomposity of lumpy 1940/50’s illustrations...)



Editors: this IT was put together by: Charles Boot; Heathcote Williams; Richard Adams; Chris S; Mike Lesser; Joly; Caroline Macdonald; Andy Ellismore; Sal; Simon Stable; Brian Hammers; Oliphant; Simon Marsden; Piinski ; Max / B.Martin; Botany Ben; Annabel O; M.J. Springsley; Sian; Gary Woods; George Street; Admin/Biz/ads: Andy Leighton

it Vol 1977 # 5: J’ Accuse: James Callaghan re. suppression of Report by the Advisory Committee on Drug Dependence and the issue of cannabis; Release celebrate 10 years; ICA close theatre – or do they?; Great Dome Xanadu - Midwinter Festival in car park of The Roundhouse; Sebastiane review; John Meaker IT girl illustration; A Skeleton Key to The Gemstone File, done as a graphic; Where Are They Now? - Bill Levy; BIT – Declares a Holy War; Interviews: Tymon Dogg; Lol Coxhill. Blackhill Music ad – ‘No bimbos, drongoes or vegetarians...’; full page ad for Peter Tosh & Legalize It; Flashes from Jo’Burg; Ghosts of the Month – 7 desirable squats; Doctor’s Diarrhoea – medical problems answered; A History of Dope; Zorch; Hawkwind; poetry by Ira Cohen and Lady June– 32pp; 20ps

it Vol 1977 # 6: Feb: Punk Is Dead. Major interview with dancer Lindsay Kemp; Interview with Bob Marley, Peter Tosh; Indignant letter from Craig Sams; John Meaker illustration; Squatters stop the Smasher Ball; The Vandals of Lambeth; Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File part 2; Ruth Ellis montage by Laurie Rae Chamberlain; Baader, Meinhof – Police Trophies; From the Divan of Petyra Vogt by Ira Cohen; Biff strips; A Modern History of Czechoslovakia by Ivan Hartel; China Williams; Financial Times parody page; The Ramones; The Derelicts; lyrics to ‘Cocksucker Blues’ by Mick Jagger; Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac) arrested.


it Vol 1977 # 7 March: Ken Campbell / Chris Langham re. Illuminatus! in London. Major Frank Zappa interview 4-pages; John Meaker; Tony Read; Laurie Rae Chamberlain; The Round Metal & The Heavy Paper – from The Papalagi :speeches by Tuavii of Tiavea, a Samoan Chief; The Gemstone File; Biff strips; New York Punks invade; Sniffin’ Glue; Russell Hunter leaves Pink Fairies...Paul Rudolph leaves Hawkwind; World Service Authority


it Vol 1977 # 8 April: ‘Queen Freaks: Windsor Will Be A Monster, Shock’; Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson interviewed re. Illuminatus! The Wide Awake Papers; John Meaker, IT artist extraordinaire; pages of The Gemstone File as graphic novel; Biff- Interstellar Dave On The Oblivion Express; Rock & Roll Madness –Jay Jeff Jones


it Vol 1977 # 9 May: Conspiracy Patti Smith – You can’t say ‘Fuck’ in Radio Free America; Inter-Action – new building opened by Princess Anne; Festival of Inner Truth at Olympia by Mick Kidd; Gilbert & George; The dialectical adventures of Eddie Argentina; London Underground ‘fare fight’; The Gemstone File continued; Sex Pistols by Laurie Rae Chamberlain; Steve Abrams – The Double-Edged Sword is Mightier Than the Pen. Or The Song of Solomon; Denis the Dope and Wanker – cartoon; The Wide Awake papers = Kathmandu Punk; Squat City graphic – ‘twixt Belsize Park and Chalk Farm; The Farm – psychedelic community in San Francisco led by Brit Stephen Gaskin; Biff; The Schmerz-papers: experimental text..; The Clash live review; Quintessence 11; Simon Stable (“zzz...contd. page 33” ) CLAP (Community Levy for Alternative Projects) listed projects

“The anti-it issue. People go – ‘Oh, it? It’s still going is it?’ They’re wrong: it isn’t. We could say it’s bigger and better, but your mind’s probably shrunk. It is becoming the necessary paper. Each page comes from some scene that’s going on now, all the news that doesn’t fit, the bits in between, the stuff that’s coming through the cracks in the walls...don’t want to sound apocalyptic by rote, but you will, as they say, see. This is not so boring and predictable as to be an ‘alternative’ paper smelling of the sixties – there is no alternative. Half of it disagrees with the other half, at least, if not itself. It was always a bad paper that sometimes served its purpose as a hippy rag. Then it was recently revived, embarrassingly, as some faked-up museum throwback to those days. Then we took it over, callously using the name of it. ‘When the mode of the music changes’, it said originally, ‘the walls of the city shake.’ Well the walls have been replaced, the sky lowers on sky rise buildings, and the mode of the music has settled into comfortable soft rock, such as The Eagles, slagged out and professional, with crystal clear production to ping in the foggy ears of hash smokers sitting comfortably, ‘laid back’. Everybody’s just as bored, scared and unoriginal as they ever were – perhaps more so. Punk is trying to burn through it and all the slickness, but could be easily sabotaged by ‘Very punk, very Joan Sanderson’ type stuff. How can we ever change anything if we cultivate stupidity? – The transcendental moron, the punk moron, the fashionable moron, the cool moron. We could be offensive, but you wouldn’t give a shit when you’ve bought your nice new stereo...The only sign of life is an occasional exuberance shown in cruelty, and atoned for by sentimentality, all blanketed over by an incredible self-absorbed apathy which stops you from thinking, emotion or suicide. And you probably can’t even understand the words we’re using, let alone apply it to yourself, and as for ourselves this applies also, and all we ever need is a little love and understanding. But how do we get there, how well, and how often? What can one ever do? Going down the pub?”

it Vol 1977 # 10 June: Tony Read Kidnapped –Cannabis crusader arrested; R.D.Laing charged with possession of LSD; Tipi logic and interview with London squatters group; Fare Fight campaign; Czech Punks take on the Russians; LSD article; Laurie Rae Chamberlain’s Ritz parody page; Hancock on the State of the Nation (Heathcote Williams); Schmerz drugs special – an uncorrected proof; Let There Be Lightness! – The History of Airships; Beryl! The Peril strip; Independence for Hay-on-Wye manifesto etc. -3 pp; Gemstone File continued; Andrew Logan portrait and interview by Laurie Rae Chamberlain (‘fashion editor of IT’); A Fairy Story – Twink (from Pink Fairies); Talking Heads, Alex Chilton reviewed; Third Ear Band reunion; God Save the Queen – Sex Pistols back page graphic and lyrics – 32 pp

it Vol 1977 # 11 July: Rat Licks Baby's Face Robert Shea, co-author of The Illuminatus – Mysticism Demystified; Piggy Bankrupt - A disillusioned cop gives gives the fact about dangerous discontent in the force; Cannabis reformers invade Parliament; The Acid Bust scandal; Music- The Ramones, Bowie. Hawkwind, Gong, Stonehenge; The Gemstone File part V1; Sitz-Mitz – IT’s fun and fashion correspondent..; The Golden Jungbilee – The fiftieth anniversary of Jung’s death celebrated at the centre of the world; Sybarite Among the Shadows – A meeting between Aleister Crowley and Adous Huxley in pre-war Berlin where Huxley first turns on to mescalin, as told by Crowley’s acoloyte Victor Neuberg;
A Midsummer High in Mags and Rags - magazines including The Fanatic reviewed, including a brief history of the The Fanatic; Denis the Dope strip; Theatre notes inc. The Rocky Horror show plus John Meaker on the Kwakiuli Indians in Vanvouver; Keith Richards; CLAP projects listed; David Solomon, academic and writer, a profile of the man remanded without bail re. Operation Julie acid prosecutions; Home Grown magazine – an acerbic review...; ‘IT’ girl by John Meaker; Eddie Woods to edit Libertine sex mag..


‘International Times’ logo title reinstated

it Vol 1977 # 12 Aug: The Sex- ish: The Clash interview: Negative Minimalism IS Dead; Porn Queen Quits; Housework Is Rape – IT interviews Black Panther Willamette Brown;; Windsor Free Festival hits Dublin; The Gemstone File (final) part 8; Taxman Faces Pimp Charge; Symbionese Liberation Army; PCP drug; Acid Trial (Operation Julie..) begins hearings in Swindon; R.D Laing arrest – no evidence against..); The Case of the Missing stream of Consciousness – Biff; Was Hitler a Hippie?; Wisdom on the Cheap – The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis by John Metcalfe; CIA covert action in Britain; ‘I’ve had it with Sex Mags’ – by ex-editor of Libertine, Arabella Melville; John Meaker; The Adverts interviewed; Free Festivals: Stonehenge / Hood Faire / Deeply Vale; ‘The Second Coming’ by W.B. Yeats as graphic strip..


Editor: Max Handley. Published from 118 Talbot Road, London W11. As “International Times”

it Vol 4 #1 Sept: Queen dies..(Elvis Prezliz..); ‘Fear & Loathing in W.11’ -1977 Notting Hill Carnival 5-page report; by Bradley Martin, Max Handley and Mike Lesser; John Meaker page graphic; Immigrant Index to be Computerised; Euro-Breeder Come What May – Windscale Appeal; Itemised international nuclear accidents; Rebel Radio; Secret Voices by John Michel; The Devil’s Slander by R.C. McNeff; The Three Course Lunch of Time – Biff; *A Nightmare in Bohemia – 2-page comic strip looking at the re-emergence of IT part 1; Homo Zapiens and the Cosmic Whore by Brian Barrit (co-author of Diary of a Dope Fiend with Timothy Leary); poetry section; *The Illegible split in the Situationist International by Heathcote Williams; Cosmetic Cosmos – Laser show ‘Lovelight’ at the Metropole Victoria; The Syd Barrett Story; Warsaw Pakt; Desperate Bicycles; Xerox music; - 30p / 32pp


it Vol 4 #2 Oct: Sabotage :U.S Blinds Europe; Inside Berlin / Baader-Meinhof by Max Handley; German Resistance to Nuclear Power; The Free Independent Republic of Frestonia; GLC Vandals – the full text of Ron Bailey’s report – ‘Who Controls County Hall?’; John Meaker; Who Are the Kurds? Beryl The Peril strip; review of ‘Meanwhile’ by Max Handley; Rough Theatre plays and excerpt; The Punk by Gideon Sams – a review; Patriarchy On the Run; Rebel TV; Biff page; ‘Bugger Off Boldo! by Max Handley

97a Talbot Road London W11

it Vol 4 #3 Nov: GLC cover-up; Inside Belfast – 5pp; Jean Genet On the Red Army Faction – Terrorists as Sex Objects; Terrorism; Operation Julie: Acid Smear Campaign; Paranoia of the Month – USSR Perfect ESP Brain Boilers; Black Mental Health; The Indian Nation by Chief Onan Lions; Travel notes; Biff page; DNA; High Times –Low Spirits:’ If feet were illegal, High /times would be a shoe catalogue’ by Bradley Martin; Australia – Outback Genocide; World Acid Conference; Jay Landesman of Polytantric Press; Devo; first Derek & Clive ad – 32pp



it Vol 4 # Jan: Acid Trial; Operation Julie trial at Bristol Crown Court; Nina Baader (mother of Andreas) and Wienke Meinhof (sister of Ulrike) interview in Italian magazine where Helmut Ensslin (father of Gudrun) is subsequently charged with slander against the State..; Operation Julie background by Andy Leighton & Bradley Martin; Copenhagen’s Christiania commune in jeapordy; The Ungovernable Island of Man; Atom Gestapo; comic strip entitled, A Ramble Through Frestonia; Steve Abrams on BBC’s attempt to document 1967 and ‘Flower Power’; review of ‘Animal liberation’ by Pete Singer; Star Wars reviewed; The Secret of Pendulums; Poems by Adrian Mitchell; Sinclair Beiles, Pauline Melville; Jay Jeffrey Jones; Tuli Kupferburg; Brian Patten; Christopher Logue; Gregory Corso; - 32pp


it Vol 4 #5 Feb: Chemists Reunite - We Need Acid’: Operation Julie busts; Ulster Gays Face Backlash; Terrorists As Sex Objects; Welsh Hippies; Sex Pistols –The last ever interview; Seveso article; Bloolips – performance artists; Notting Hill Carnival Cop; - 16pp / 20p


it Vol 4 #6 March: “1978 makes 1984 look like 1967” Free The Heinz Fifty-Seven ; Berlin Punk; Microdot Mayhem – Operation Julie, “£ Billion Acid Gang Get 1000 Years..” - 4 pages. ‘Beryl In Peril’ cartoon; Biff –Transferential Nothingness; LSD Questionnaire; *Diary of an Alternative Propagandist;


it Vol 4 #7 April: Freedom Is A Career; Italy Explodes –the new Politics; Corrugated Iron Cover-up, Ron Bailey; The Most Amazing Election In Banking History; Cumbrian Titanic; Who Owns Needle Alley?; Hay-On-Wye by Jeremy Sandford; The Cosmic Trigger review; Does Buddha Have God Nature? Human Race Trapped In Lift...

it Vol 4 #8 May: 1978 makes 1984 look like 1967; Friends of the Earth funding../Timothy leary: just another snake-oil salesman – John Michell / Colin Wilson: A Fraud exposed by Gerald Suster / Festival of Mind & Body at Olympia = The Festival of Mammon & Bullshit by Heathcote Williams / Rock Against Racism / Smokey Bears Picnic at Hyde Park / Christiania, Copenhagen / BIT: complete Euro Address Book / Amsterdam / Full page of BIFF / Stonehenge Free Festival / Windsor Festival / Here & Now ad

Published by Max Music, from 97a Talbot Road, London W11

it Vol 4 #9 June: Germans Plan To A-Bomb Egypt; Christiania; Space Satellites; *Death of The World by Gerald Suster; Windscale Waste; Actions-Analytical Organisation for Conscious Life Praxis / communes; Supermarket Shelf-Death; Stonehenge festival; The Immortalist –Heathcote Williams; ad for Sex Pistols –No One is Innocent; Biff –full page.

it Vol 4 #10 Aug: Cocaine – “..the trade in nose-dust is no longer run by pirates, but by the military juntas who survive on the profits.” Bob Dylan. Highway ’78 revisited - a review of Zimmermania from the 1967 Albert Hall catastrophe to the weird scenes at Blackbushe (festival) concentration camp by Steve Abrams; Radio Caroline; postcard from Poland; the amazing shrinking chimps; German militarism in South America; “I thought Home was an ex-Prime Minister until I discovered Squatting.”; travel notes

it Vol 4 #11 Sept: Clowns Clouted; Biker demos in London; letter re. previous Dylan article; Eddie Woods prosecuted in Holland for publishing works of Amsterdam Palette Union; arrests of street theatre activists The Demolition Decorators; Animal Lib raids; Huntley Street squat is demolished – the oldest squat in London; Ubi Dwyer organiser of Windsor Free Festival in court; Long Kesh – ‘Britain’s concentration camp’; travel notes; *The Gemstone File - Robin Ramsay boils this ‘Skeleton Key’ (published by IT throughout 1977) down to its bare bones and concludes that this animal never walked the earth..; Desperate Living by John Waters previewed; The Fall / Here & Now free tours..; Glastonbury Zodiac;

Editorial: 14a James St. Covent Garden, London WC2

it Vol 4 #12; Dec: “They Shoot Dog's Don't They”? Operation Julie by Heathcote Williams; The Beast first edition awakes as Animal Liberation paper; Windsor Free Festival; Here & Now Free tour ; Torness – the battle begins;; The Fanatic; Sid Vicious; Demolition Decorators; Rebel Radio’ letter from Ubi Dwyer; Euro-squatters join hands; GLC bulldozers; Radio Jackie; ECT fake ad




The IT office within the building IT (and supplement The Beast) shares at James St.squat in Covent Garden with the Demolition Decorators and other groups is destroyed by fire.

it Vol 5 Number 1a) Single A4 sheet – “IT Burns to a Crisp!”


IT is published by IT, 36 Davenant Road, London N19. Edits: Chris Sanders

it Vol 5 #1a March: “There's A Circus Going On!”: First issue since alleged arson attack on I’Ts offices; Welsh Hippie Horrors; Mick Kidd goes to L.A ; Demolition Decorators - Buskers Gagged; The Beast: animal liberation paper as supplement; Ken Campbell’s The Warp (Neil Oram) produced at the ICA; Plastic People of the Universe; IRAN: A trip back to the past; ex-NME Jonathan Barnett spills the beans..

it Vol 5 #2 May: “Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour..” Hyde Park Corner arrests; Windscale; Plastic People of the Universe; Elton John Spends £3000 on fur hat; Ideal Home Exhibition squatted; Open Head Press; Heathcote Williams; Stiff Little Fingers; Fuck Off Records; The Fall; Danny and the Dressmakers; Mark Astronaut; The Good Missionaries; ATV and Mark Perry; Jay Jeffrey Jones; Oval House theatre;

it Vol 5 #3 June/July: ‘Margarine the Leaderine’ “Margaret Thatcher was meretriciously squeezed through her Saatchi & Saatchi video tubei nto the gullible mouths of the British electorate...” A 2pp review of the Tory cabinet ; Grant Silverstein writes; Torness power station occupation; Nicaragua; Gail Benson murders – Stanley Abbott executed in Trinidad; The Instant Automatons; Travel Notes – Bolivia; Poetry festivals in Amsterdam; ‘O’ Level Alternative Society – answer sheet; Festival of Mind Spirit and Body 2 – Biolympia Revisited by Mick Kidd; Medicine Talk – Is Your Body A Stranger by John Claydon; Small Press review; The Pop Group – interview; Musician’s Co-ops – a list of UK activity; Disorganisation: community listings

it Vol 5 #4: “Hello. This it was produced in a back room somewhere in London. Please note another change of address. The box number gives IT an everlasting address, while IT sleeps in bus shelters....” ‘Out Demons Out!’: Britain In Ireland - a 2page special; “Loose Change – A curious tour of Amsterdam from Drugs To William Burroughs with a few Blowjobs thrown in for laughs.” by Eddie Woods; Amsterdam; Albania; Lysergic Love Criminals, Operation Julie: Acid Terrorists appeal; Earth In cosmic line-up; Spectacles –Larry Law..



IT is Britain’s only independent, international, non-aligned access newspaper..”
Editor: Chris Sanders. IT is published by IT, BCM IT, London WC1 6XX

it Vol 5 #5: “The Real Traitor In The Palace”; Welcome ‘80’s – Gregory Corso; Kathy Acker - New York Story; Bugger The Queen – William Burroughs; Jeremiad Chants – An absolute Polemic by Bill Levy; Poems by the Pope; National Front in Alabama; The Mudd Club; The Energetic Eighties –Neil Oram; letter from ‘The Teachers’; How the Russians are Diverting the Gulf Stream; Mountbatten -4 pages of information; Eddie woods – ‘Notes of a Native Alien’; Recommended reading: anything that destroys limits; BIT information service closes; Forever Jung?


it Vol 5 #6: Frivolous Summer Issue 1980 (30p UK; Fl 2 Nederland)
“IT has been banned by its very own distributor – dear old PDC, the organisation that can’t go wrong!!! The people who work at PDC say IT is “sexist, misogynist, anti-gay, pornographic and ageist”. Our thanks to: the hundreds of people who’ve written in & all the groups & individuals who’ve supported us, especially Ins & Outs (Amsterdam); ZN Records (New York); The Anarcho Utopian Mystics who gave us £30, Gay Pride who said we weren’t ‘anti-gay’, Beril & the Perils who said they liked us, and many more who probably wouldn’t want to be mentioned, ‘cos they’re shy. IT will continue to distribute itself & needs all the help it can get..............PS: The Socialist Worker Party recently accused Dylan of “Quietism”.

Allen Ginsberg on David Solomon; American Indian Ethnocide; Baader Meinhof; ‘The Case of the Missing Stream of Consciousness – Biff / Mick Kidd; Cannabis conference – Amsterdam; Rt. Hon. William Whitelaw ‘speaks’ out; Simon Vinkenoog – Dutch Mobs; World Ethnocide: Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, USA, Panama, Colombia, Australia, Canada, Chile...; Amsterdam: A Memoir of the Seventies by Hans Plomp; Letter from a Prisoner in the Corridor of Death by Ulrike Meinhof; Mel clay in SanFrancisco; Ballad of the Gone Maclise – tribute poem by Ira Cohen to founder of Velvet Underground and contributor to IT; Savoy Books, Manchester by Andrew Darlington; Crass and Poison Girls lyrics; *Printed paper and plastic review – “New and amazing things are appearing from unknown and unexpected addresses. A refreshing change – experiment returns to brighten our lives and end the soulless dictatorship of the recycled slogan.”


From Home Grown Magazine 1980



A4 glossy

it Vol 82 # 1. ‘I'm In Love with the Falklands’ issue; Stone Circles; Orgasms;




The New Instant Nos. 1,2,3..................An aligned publishing project from editors of IT.





Published by Itinerant Productions Ltd. 25 Denmark Street, London WC1
Editors: #1+#2: Chris Brook; Tony Allen. #3 + #4: Chris Brook, Thom Henvey
Design: Graham Tansley; Chris Brook; Tod Hanson; Graham Harwood


it Vol'86 No.1: Extensive Psychic TV article by Tom Vague, with extraordinary graphics plus Hyperdelic - an article by Genesis P,Orridge; A Brief History of IT - timeline/chronology; Stonehenge Campaign post- police pogrom / Battle of the Bean Field; Kathy Acker; Buddhist Festivals.

it Vol'86 No.2: A New Psychedelia in London ; Police Photographers ; Dora Russell at 90 ; Robyn Hitchcock; Stonehenge Festival Campaign ; Greenpeace ;

it Vol'86 No.3: ”A Different Wave For A Paved Beach” The Mutoid Waste Company - First interview with 1980's spectacular nomadic art anarchists; Paranoia Peddled - Class War v Searchlight magazine; Jamie Reid; On-U Sound System history by Tom Vague; The Neo-Naturists; Art

it Vol'86 No.4: Sindona; Test Dept –Ministry of Power / Brian Eno exhibition; On-U sound pt 2; Leather Nun

IT #3 Vol 86. Mutoid Waste Company
Games for May – Marquee Club 1986
The Eye of P.Orridge. PTV cut/splice graphic by Graham Tansley IT Vol 86 #1



Published by IT Avatistic; Editor: Chris Brook

it Sep 1990: ‘Full colour glide issue’: featuring full text of Alan Moore’s PERIOD INFORMATION DOUBLING interview with Chris Brook after the screening of the film Watch the K Foundation Burn a Million Quid in his Northampton living room.




IT intertwines with cyber space and the inkless universe

In Autumn 1995 the monthly glossy Internet magazine publishes an interview with Nick Rosen featuring his new Internet ‘e-zine’ International Times, published by Intervid. IT, through last editor and publisher, Chris Brook, takes legal advice with reference to Rosen's claim to 'own' the internet domain name, as a 'former editor' of the paper. Rosen worked with Max Handley and Chris Sanders on the 6th edition of Alternative London (Otherwise Press,1982) but was never associated with International Times. Threatened with proceedings against injunctive relief and 'passing off', he claims a 'mistake' was made and the site is withdrawn - shortly after a phone call to Brook suggesting a potentially lucrative merger is rebuffed. After this IT decides to accept the support and web hosting of Intermedia.co.uk who run an alternative sub-site, pHreak, devoted to alternative lifestyle and information. Different cyber networks and publishing are explored, leading eventually to IT's own domain being established in 1999:




Published by IT Avatistic in association with pHreak.interrnedia.co.uk; Editor: Chris Brook

it Vol 96 #1- 5: Ether zone series: Pre-Millennium tension; K Foundation; Sterling Morrison RIP; Jerry Garcia RIP; It archive summary;




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